Visitors 2011

Lalia Abdallah
Lalia Abdallah is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology and a researcher at Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research), Stockholm University, Sweden.

Her research interests focus on the emerging measurements on gender equality on an international level, more specifically OECD's (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) statistics on how social institutions in societies effect women's participation in the public economic life.

Neil Gunningham (Professor)
Neil Gunningham is an interdisciplinary social scientist and lawyer who specialises in safety, health and environmental regulation and governance. He currently holds Professorial Research appointments in the Regulatory Institutions Network, Research School of Social Sciences, and in the School of Resources, Environment and Society, at the ANU.

His books include Mine Safety: Law, Regulation, Policy (2007), Leaders and Laggards: Next Generation Environment Regulation (with Sinclair) Greenleaf, 2002, Shades of Green: Business, Regulation and Environment (with Kagan and Thornton), Stanford UP, 2003, Smart Regulation: Designing Environmental Policy,(with Grabosky) Oxford UP, UK, 1998. and Regulating Workplace Safety (with Johnstone), Oxford UP, UK, 1999.

Cajsa Niemann
Cajsa Niemann is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research), Stockholm University, Sweden.Her research interests focus on the interaction between politicians and higher cival servants in the Swedish Government Offices, and more particularly whether the role perceptions of these two groups have been affected by wider changes in the public administration.  


Marco Verweij (Dr)
Marco is a Professor of Political Science at the School of Humanities and Social Services, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. His books include Clumsy Solutions for a Wicked World: How to Improve Global Governance (2011) and  Transboundary Environmental Problems and Cultural Theory: The Protection of the Rhine and Great Lakes (2000).