Visitors 2007

Broberg, Morten (Dr)
Dr. M.P. Broberg is associate professor in European Union Law at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. During the academic year 2007/08 Dr. Broberg will be on leave from the University while working on a research project on European food safety at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

Dr. Broberg is qualified as an advocate at the Danish bar. In addition to working in private practice, he has earlier worked as head of section in the Danish Ministry of Justice and as référendaire (legal secretary) to the President of the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg. His primary research interests are in the field of food regulation and the EU's relation with the developing countries.

Buhr, Katarina
Katarina Buhr is a PhD student from the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research deals with the development of an EU climate change policy for the aviation industry from a new institutional perspective. She was part of a research team studying transnational governance led by Professor Kerstin Sahlin-Andersson. 

Garsten, Christina (Professor)
Professor Garsten's research interests are in the anthropology of organizations and markets, processes of globalization and emerging forms of regulation and accountability in the labour market and in transnational trade. She has published a number of articles on high-tech organizational culture, the flexibilization of employment, and corporate social responsibility. 

Hawkins, Keith (Professor)
Keith Hawkins is Professor Emeritus of Law and Society at Oxford University and Fellow Emeritus of Oriel College, Oxford. He is currently involved in thinking about the problem of decision-making by legal actors in a variety of legal settings, a problem on which he has been working on and off for many years. His most recent major publication was Law as Last Resort: Prosecution Decision-Making in a Regulatory Agency (Oxford University Press, 2002), which won the Herbert Jacob prize of the American Law and Society Association in 2003. 

Junker, Svenne
Svenne Junker is from the Stockholm School of Economics and the research centre Score. Svenne specialises in Organisation Theory and was conducting a four-month field study at the London-based European Medicines Agency. K

Kelman, Steve (Professor)
Steve Kelman is the Weatherhead Professor of Public Management at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard College, with a Ph.D. in government from Harvard University, he is the author of many books and articles on the policymaking process and on improving the management of government organizations.

His latest book, Unleashing Change: A Study of Organizational Change in Government, was published in 2005 by the Brookings Instutition Press. He was working on a research project on Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, to learn more about connections between the ways these partnerships are managed and their success in reducing crime.

Lloyd-Bostock, Sally (Professor)
Sally Lloyd-Bostock joined the School of Law in 1997 after working at Oxford University's Centre for Socio-Legal Studies since 1973. She has degrees in both psychology and law, and over the next few years she plans to continue and extend her work on psychological aspects of disputes and legal decision-making.

Before coming to Birmingham, she conducted a number of empirical research projects in law and psychology, including projects on the psychology of making compensation claims for personal injury, medical negligence and hospital complaints procedures, discretionary decision making by health and safety inspectors, and jury and magistrates' decision making. She has also written extensively about theoretical aspects of the relationship between psychology and law.

Sally is an Associate Editor of Legal and Criminological Psychology, a journal of the British Psychological Society. She is on the editorial boards of Oxford Socio-Legal Studies, the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, Psychology Crime and the Law, and the International Journal of the Legal Profession. She is currently Director of the Institute of Judicial Administration.|

Sitter, Nick (Professor)
Nick Sitter is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Public Governance at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. His research areas include comparative European party politics, public policy and regulation and competition in the European Union.