Visitors 2012

Tom Christensen (Professor)
Tom Christensen is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at University of Oslo, Norway. 

The Department of Political Science consists of five fields of research within political science: Political theory, international politics, public policy and administration, comparative politics and research methods. The department is concerned with teaching as well as with research and publication within political science. 

Paolo Ferri
Paolo Ferri is a PhD candidate in business administration at the University of Bologna, Italy.

Paolo's research interests include arts management and new public management. His doctoral thesis topic concerns the intervention of the Italian central government when autonomous or semi-autonomous agencies are considered to be in ‘emergency’ or ‘crisis’ situations. The intervention is called ‘commissariamento’ and it entails the substitution of the ordinary management team.

Maria Gustavson
Maria Gustavson is a PhD student at the School of Public Administration at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Maria's dissertation, “Auditing the African State”, studies the implementation of international public audit standards in Sub-Saharan African contexts. The thesis presents a study of the public audit arenas in Sub-Saharan Africa and of the Supreme Audit Institutions in Namibia and Botswana.

Linsey McGoey (Dr)
Linsey McGoey is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex.

Her research is focused on three broad areas. First, the sociology of ignorance and the usefulness of strategic unknowns in asserting expertise, evading liability and consolidating authority in daily and organizational life. Second, the politics of “philanthrocapitalism,” and a study of how new philanthropic players such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are reshaping the fields of global health and education delivery in US and global contexts, often with unintended, adverse consequences. Finally, a third, nascent project is focused on the politics of abundance, exploring how a range of economists and social theorists are rethinking notions of scarcity, excess and surplus wealth. Recent publications included "The Logic of Strategic Ignorance," in the British Journal of Sociology, and "Strategic Unknowns: towards a sociology of ignorance," the introduction to a recent special issue of Economy and Society.

Göran Sundström (Associate Professor)
Göran Sundström is an  Associate Professor of Political Science at SCORE, Stockholm centre for organizational research, Sweden.

Göran's research focuses on administration and administration policy, the Europeanisation of states, the Swedish government offices, the power of bureaucracy, the role of civil servants, neo-institutionalism and governance.

Göran is part of the management team for the research programme "Organising Markets", which is financed by the Swedish National Bank's Jubilee Fund. Within this programme, he is part of a project researching the marketisation of the Swedish state.