CARR outreach

CARR is playing a leading role in the UK and international research systems; establishing itself as national resource in 'risk regulation' research and developing links with regional and international centres of expertise. Our broad aim is to create exchange networks between CARR and relevant researchers elsewhere in the UK and abroad. More specifically, our objectives are as follows:

  • To host a programme of events with other UK and international risk regulation scholars, and thereby to develop the area and share ideas and information on 'risk and regulation' research

  • To establish a programme of visiting fellowships to provide risk regulation researchers with an opportunity to spend a period of time at CARR in London

  • To maintain a register for, and database of, interests in 'risk and regulation' research which is a national (and international) resource

  • To run an annual doctoral workshop for students in the 'risk regulation' area

CARR is committed to supporting young researchers and an important development has been the initiation of an annual doctoral workshop.  The six held so far (2002|, 2003|, 2004|, 2005|, 2006| and 2007|) have formed a focal point for national and international developments in the emerging field of risk regulation studies.