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Risk&Regulation issue on risk and complexity

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CARR's Winter 2009 edition of Risk&Regulation has been published.

This issue of the magazine explores the inherent complexity of modern risks and institutional responses to them. Bringing together CARR's multidisciplinary expertise, articles from both CARR and guest researchers explore the ways in which risks are standardized, communicated and institutionalized by drawing on cases from a wide variety of domains: including the 2012 Olympics; aviation; food standardization; health services and DNA databases.

Through these divergent cases, this issue brings CARR's broad and interconnected social science perspective to bear on the multi-faceted institutional complexities of risk regulation.

Articles include:

  • Predictive surveillance: Precogs, CATCHEM, and DNA databases
  • Communicating risk
  • London 2012 - a risk-based Olympics?
  • Discourses that standardize: why management models are valuable instruments
  • The perils of perfection

A PDF of the latest issue of Risk&Regulation is available for download here.|

Contact: Anna Phillips, CARR, on 020 7849 4635 or risk@lse.ac.uk|

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The ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) is an interdisciplinary research centre at LSE. Our core intellectual work focuses on the organizational and institutional settings for risk management and regulatory practices.

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