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John Downer comments on 'Hudson Miracle'

In the wake of last week's drama on the Hudson River it is worth reflecting on the dramatic tests that regulators use to measure the 'bird-resilience' of modern jet engines.

How do we know if an engine would safely swallow a bird? And what can the answer to this question teach us about our relationships with the technologies we depend on. John Downer comments in his article 'Epistemological Chicken: What do we learn form aircraft 'bird-ingestion' tests?'.

John Downer is a Research Officer at the ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) at the London School of Economics. He is author of "When the Chick Hits the Fan: Representativeness and Reproducibility in Technological Testing." in Social Studies of Science. Vol. 31 No.1 Feb. 2007 pp.7-26

Contact: Pranav Bihari, CARR, at 020 7849 4635 or risk@lse.ac.uk

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