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Working Across Boundaries: Analyzing Risk & Regulation


ESRC Centre for Risk & Regulation

One-day conference

Date: 25 June 2010
: Whitehall, London

The ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) is holding a one-day conference at Whitehall on 25 June 2010. This event will mark the end of the ESRC Centre Grant to CARR. The aim of the conference is to mark CARR's achievements as an ESRC Centre and to thank all of our sponsors.

CARR's core intellectual work focuses on a multidisciplinary and comparative research programme on the organizational and institutional aspects of risk management and regulation. Over the past decade the area has become increasingly prominent with the growth of risk based approaches and dramatic risk events which have challenged public and private sector organizations across the globe.

CARR research has asked: How can we explain variety in the understanding and implementation of risk-based approaches to regulation? In what sense are regulatory bodies simply organizations like any others concerned with legitimacy and blame-avoidance? How is regulatory and risk management practice in many different fields becoming standardized? What are the side effects on performance as organizations and individuals react to efforts to regulate them? How do countries borrow regulatory practice and institutional designs from each other and from perceived practice leaders? These are all questions which span the public, private and voluntary sectors and address the way risk is encountered, conceptualized, processed and regulated by a variety of bodies.

Engaging practitioners in our work has been central, as has capacity building and outreaching to other national and international research centres. We are therefore delighted that leading commentators from academia and practice will contribute to panels and debate. We also have a distinguished audience spanning the wide range of public and private sector audiences CARR engages with, and leading academics from the UK and abroad.

Among the confirmed programme speakers are:

Dr Hugo Banziger, Chief Risk Officer, Deutsche Bank
Professor Arjen Boin, Louisiana State University
Professor John Braithwaite, Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network)
Sir Bill Callaghan, Chair of the Legal Services Commission and former Chair of the Health and Safety Commission
Jason R. El Koubi, Director of State Economic Competitiveness, Louisiana Economic Development
Professor George Gaskell, LSE Pro-Director
Professor Lord Anthony Giddens, former LSE Director and sponsor of CARR
Dr Alan Gillespie, Chair of the Economic and Social Research Council
Dame Deirdre Hutton, Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority, former Chair of the Food Standards Authority and National Consumer Council
Will Hutton, Executive Vice-Chair of The Work Foundation and former Editor-in-Chief of The Observer
Jeremy Lonsdale, Director General, Value for Money Audit at the National Audit Office
Professor Nick Pidgeon, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

Registration is now closed. For any queries please email risk@lse.ac.uk