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Regulating Contaminated Land: policy, sustainability and risk

Philip Catney
University of Sheffield
Email: p.catney@sheffield.ac.uk|

Date: 7 June 2005
: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
: CARR Seminar Room, H615


The recycling of brownfield (and contaminated sites) has come to be viewed as a sine qua non of sustainable land use policy in the UK. Freeing up urban areas for re-development is central to the Labour government's objective of stimulating urban renaissance in Britain's cities and towns. Yet the redevelopment of seriously contaminated land poses special risks not encountered on many brownfield sites. This paper analyses the emergence and development of the policy regime for dealing with contaminated land in England. It explores the particular characteristics of the UK approach to remediating contaminated land, and offers a preliminary assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.


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