Taking Stock of Trust

Hosted by: ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (LSE) and the the ESRC Social Contexts and Responses to Risk Network (SCARR)|

Date:     12 December 2005
:   LSE

Trust enables people to collaborate, negotiate and trade under conditions of uncertainty. The demands placed on trust in a more complex and globalised economy, where people live more flexible and diverse lives, are growing, at a time when trust in experts, public authorities and other institutions is increasingly questioned. This one-day conference will analyse developments and discuss future directions in trust research.

£15 (bookings before 21st October)
£25 (bookings after 21st October)

Speakers include
Professor Lord Layard, LSE: Trust and social progress
Professor John Urry, University of Lancaster: Trust, travel and proximity
Professor Richard Eiser, University of Sheffield and Dr Matthew White, University of Jena: A psychological approach to understanding how trust is built and lost

For more information and the booking form see the SCARR website|.