Joint One Day CARR/SCORE Workshop

in association with the Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE)|

June 2004

Colleagues from the Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE) visited CARR for a one day workshop and exchange of ideas in the summer. SCORE is very much a sister research centre to CARR with a special focus on governance issues in the public sector and on regulation and standardisation. Julia Black (CARR) opened proceedings with an account of the work of the regulatory innovation group. Göran Ahrne and Nils Brunsson (SCORE) presented a paper on meta-organisations (organisations whose members are themselves organisations) and argued that such entities have increased in size and significance for regulatory processes. Javier Lezaun (CARR) spoke on experimentalism in regulatory organisations, specifically in the context of GM foodstuffs. Finally, Ulrika Mörth (SCORE) discussed the role of so-called 'soft law' and modes of regulation in EU. The event resonated with common interests across the two groups and it was hoped that this meeting would help to strengthen links for the future.