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Organizing risk regulation: current dilemmas, future directions

ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics.

22nd and 23rd of March 2007.

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Risk is increasingly influential in the organization of public services and the management of business. Risk regulation encompasses the governance, accountability and processing of risks. It is increasingly undertaken within organisations as part of their risk management and compliance functions, as well as by regulatory and other agencies that constitute 'risk regulation regimes'.

The evolving nature of risk regulation is of critical importance to policy, practice and theory. CARR's international conference will bring together leading academic experts, policymakers and practitioners to consider the organisation of risk regulation, the social and institutional character of risk management, and the increasingly de-centred and participatory nature of regulatory activities.

This conference will provide opportunities to engage with leading members of the risk and regulation field. It offers delegates the chance to keep abreast of current developments, forge professional networks, and participate in robust and topical debate.


Sessions will include:

Regulating for high-reliability? Social and organisational sources of resilience

Speakers:    Michael Barzelay (CARR, LSE)
                    Carl Macrae (CARR, LSE)
                    Nick Pidgeon (University of Cardiff)

Discussant: James Reason (University of Manchester)

Political and regulatory risk - causes and remedies
Speakers:   Lord Haskins (formerly Chair of the Better Regulation Commission)
                   Barry Neville (Centrica)
                   Charles Miller (Regulatory Policy Institute)
                   Greg Clark (Member of Parliament)

Discussant: Mick Moran (University of Manchester)

Science, technology, risk and regulation: The perils of precaution
Speakers:    Javier Lezaun (Amherst College)
                    Alan Irwin (University of Liverpool)
                    Tony Bandle (Health and Safety Executive)

Discussant:  Diane Vaughan (Columbia University)

Regulation in the public sphere: Regulators, reputations and their public(s)
Speakers:     Dan Carpenter (Harvard University)
                    Christopher Hood (University of Oxford)
                    Mike Power (CARR, LSE)

Discussant: Howard Davies (LSE)

Risk, Accountability and the Emergence of New Regulatory Spaces
      Andrew Barry (Oxford University)
                      Joni Young (University of New Mexico)
                      Peter Miller (CARR, LSE)

Discussant:   Andrea Mennicken (CARR, LSE)

The dilemma of risk-based approaches
Speakers:    Michael Huber (University of Bielefield)
                    Bridget Hutter (CARR, LSE)
                    Jonathan Rees (Health and Safety Executive)

Discussant:    Ed Humpherson (National Audit Office)

Historicising risk: three perspectives
Speakers:     David Edgerton (Imperial College) 'Fearing the Future'
                     Terry Gourvish (CARR, LSE) 'Risk in the Long Run'
                     Sarah Dry (CARR, LSE) 'A feeling for what happens'

Discussant:     Nick Pidgeon (University of Cardiff)

In Place of Trust? New Challenges in Regulating the Professions
Speakers:     Bob Brecher (University of Brighton)
                     Robert Kaye (CARR, LSE)
                     Kieran Walshe (Manchester Business School)

Discussant: Antony Townsend (The Law Society)

Threats, vulnerabilities and insecurities in a world of asymmetric and systemic risk?
Speakers:     Arjen Boin (Leiden University)
                    Bruce Mann (Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat)
                    David Strachan (Financial Services Authority)

Discussant: Mark Wood (Paternoster)

Governance, law and risk
Speakers:     Sally Lloyd-Bostock (CARR, LSE)
                    Susan Kerrison (Assistant Director of Research and Development, University College, London)
                    Mark Thatcher (CARR, LSE)

Chair:             Frank Vibert (Director. European Policy Forum)
Discussant:     Keith Hawkins (CARR, LSE)

Reputation, Security and Trust
Speakers:     Sharon Gilad (CARR, LSE)
                    Paul Connolly (Serco)
                    Sue Scott (CARR, LSE)

Chair:             Martin Lodge (CARR, LSE)
Discussant:     Richard Hobbs (Beachcroft Regulatory Consulting)


PLEASE NOTE: The sessions are open to registered delegates only.  Attendance at any session requires conference registration.

Additional events:
Additional events include a drinks reception on Thursday night and a conference lunch on Friday.

Conference fees:
Registration for the conference is £150 per person, or £60 for students.

Delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation for the conference.  We recommend using Rosebery Hall, as it is well-priced and convenient to the LSE.  Single rooms start at £31 per night.  Please check the Rosebery Hall| website for more information.

Pre-registration has now closed.  If you wish to register on the day, please email risk@lse.ac.uk| for instructions.

Booking and payment forms:
As pre-registration has now closed, you will need to register in person (see above).  Please bring the CARR booking form| with you.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please also bring the Credit Card Payment Form|.

Alternative information format:
The information on this page is available as a PDF file for distribution to interested parties. Please click CARRConference2007| to download a copy.