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Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation
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CARR governance

Research independence, confidentiality and consulting

Statement of Principles:

  1. CARR will conduct independent research for public dissemination.
  2. The interests of sponsors and researchers will be represented through dedicated steering groups which are ultimately accountable to the policy advisory committee.
  3. Independence means that research sponsors will not:
    i.  seek to determine the methods of research.
    ii. seek to determine or influence the results of the research.
    iii. seek to restrict the medium of dissemination of research.
  4. Sponsors will participate in setting the general research agenda through the appropriate governance mechanisms. CARR Directors will have the final word on research direction.
  5. Where researchers have access to confidential and proprietary information, rights of information, subjects and relevant commercial concerns will be respected.
  6. Where suitable forms of anonymisation are deemed inadequate, the Directors of CARR will consider whether the research project remains viable and possible.
  7. Sponsors have a right to comment on draft research publications within the areas that they have funded. Final decisions on content lie with the researcher, subject to taking full account of confidentiality agreements.
  8. Consulting and development opportunities may arise out of the research. In cases where the boundaries between independent research and consulting are unclear, or where independence might be prejudiced, the relevant governance committee will arbitrate.