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Accounting Student Societies

2013-14 Activities

The 2013-14 academic year has been an amazing one for the AOI Society. Throughout the year, the society's committee has sustained efforts in order to offer opportunities to the AOI cohort to get the most out of their time within the Department of Accounting at the LSE.

The society has held a number of social events this year. Among others, a ‘Make Your Own Pizza’ night, a Christmas dinner and an evening out at a musical, have all contributed to consolidate the social links among the AOI cohort of 2013-14; building a sense of unity within this distinctive programme. Outside the social sphere, the society has also organised various talks with prominent professionals and academics that have undoubtedly enhance the experience of postgraduate students from the Department of Accounting. We have received Ian Schneider, restructuring partner at PwC who explained how crucial accounting metrics became for organisation facing failure. Professor Michael Power, LSE and St James’s Place|, was hosted on a talk about his role as a Non-Executive Director at St James’s Place and provided the audience with handy tips on how to manage their future career. From the same organisation, we also hosted talk by Andrew Croft|, St James’s Place’s Chief Financial Officer, during which he laid out his perspective on the multi-faceted nature of a FTSE100 officer’s job. We have also received prominent regulators in the field of accounting standards. Dr Zhang Wei-Guo, board member from the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) gave a talk on the role of China in the global accounting standardisation process. Recently, we were delighted to host Sir David Tweedie, former chairman of the IASB, as he discussed the impact of the financial crisis on the IASB and the global harmonisation process.

Significant contributors from the Department of Accounting are jointly responsible for a great deal of the society’s successes. I would thus like to thank Lynsey Dickson, Professor Richard Macve, Professor Michael Power, Professor Wim Van Der Stede, Dr Matthew Hall and PhD candidates Rob Charnock, Maria Zhivitskaya, and Vassili Pigounides, for having been so supportive throughout the year. Their attitude of inclusiveness towards the society and their consideration for our projects allowed us to effectively leverage the strength of the department’s brand while organising all of those events.

Finally, I believe the AOI Society has proven to be an asset within the framework of the department, and I hope future promotions of students will feel similarly interested in carrying on with the society's purpose. I will admit that spending the year interacting with fellow students, staffs, faculties and speakers been a lot of fun!

On behalf of the 2013-14 AOI Society’s committee,

Philippe Fortier
President 2013-14
LSESU Accounting, Organisations and Institutions Society

The AOI Society committee members and faculty along with Sir David Tweedie 

2012-13 Activities

The 2012-13 MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions students have successfully continued the AOI Society and have already organised a number of guest speakers to come along to present to the Society. They have included:

■ Alison Thomas, Director of Global Research, PricewaterhouseCoopers

■ Peter Holgate, Senior Accounting Technical Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK and Visiting Professor in the LSE Department of Accounting

2011-12 Activities 

The 2011-12 academic year has been a huge success for the Accounting Societies, as two new societies have been founded: the Diploma in Accounting Society (created in October 2011), and the MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions (AOI) Society (created in January 2012). Both societies were set up by members of the programmes, and have received great support from the Department and the students.

The MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions (AOI) Society


AOI Society 2011-12 committee members

The Society organised several events this year including an AOI Alumni Networking Event and regular pub meetings for current students. They also invited 3 guest speakers to give a talk to the Society:

  • Valli Perera, Managing Director for Global M&A Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.
  • Professor Christopher Chapman, Professor of Management Accounting at Imperial College Business School and Editor in Chief of Accounting, Organizations and Society.
  • Andrew Croft, CFO of St James’s Place Wealth Management.

We are very pleased to announce that the AOI Society won a Students’ Union Bronze Stars award in May 2012.

The Diploma in Accounting Society


The Diploma in Accounting Society 2011-12, pictured with Julien Boulenger (centre)

The Society’s organised events included the first “Meet an Alumnus” session  with Julien Boulenger, who is a Financial Services Consultant at Oliver Wyman. Julien graduated from the Diploma in Accounting & Finance with Merit in 2010 and also holds a Master in Management from EDHEC Business School (France).

The Accounting Society


Accounting Society committee members 2011-12, pictured with senior speakers from Deloitte and ACCA

The Accounting Society held their annual dinner in March 2012, with senior speakers from Deloitte and ACCA. Many of the Accounting students attended this event.