LSE's plan for strategic action

LSE was founded in 1895 to create and share knowledge addressing major social challenges and to shape a better world. This involved at once a radical vision and practical action.

LSE’s founders insisted that their new School would not be bound by the traditional limits of universities. We helped introduce both economics and political science as academic disciplines and we have been pioneering in a range of other fields. Instead of admitting only students of privileged backgrounds, we would educate those best placed to make the most of new kinds of knowledge. LSE would be a home to productive, critical debate. See LSE History|.

In the years since, LSE has extended its leadership in social science, addressing social issues from Britain and Europe to the entire world. We connect students, scholars, ideas, evidence, and intellectual perspectives so that global challenges can be addressed.

We will achieve faculty brilliance. Promoting excellence in scholarship, teaching and research, LSE will raise the quality, productivity, and creativity of its faculty.

We will provide outstanding education. Constantly renewing and improving our teaching programmes to give all LSE students a deeper intellectual understanding of their subjects, as well as helping to prepare them for careers and citizenship in a complex world.

We will recruit extraordinary students. LSE will recruit students with the greatest ability, motivation, and potential to benefit from LSE teaching.
Global reach
We will be global. Providing international leadership in research, teaching, and public engagement, by bringing together experts from around the world to advance the global debate on social policy. Building on our international networks of alumni and partnerships with other academic institutions to create global opportunities in all our activities.
Solution Focused
We will focus distinctively on social science and public issues. Bringing the best social science knowledge and new intellectual perspectives together from across disciplines to address the world’s biggest challenges.

This vision for the future of LSE is at the heart of the choices that we make about our priorities and actions.

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