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 LSE120th Anniversary

Celebrating 120 years of LSE

Beatrice and Sidney Webb sitting on a bench in the 1940s 

In October 1895 LSE opened its doors to students for the first time. Find out more about LSE's history and join in our 120th anniversary celebrations. #LSE120

Latest news


LSE's first prospectus

Did you know? LSE's first prospectus was released in 1895. What were the aims of the new School?

Tales from Houghton Street

Everyone at LSE has a story to tell. Listen online now to Tales from Houghton Street.

Foundations: LSE Library exhibition

Visit a new free exhibition Foundations: LSE and the Science of Society at the LSE Library, open until 19 December 2015.  

October campus tours

October's campus history tours are now fully booked - but look out for an online version launching soon.

LSE History blog

LSE History

Journey through LSE's past using our interactive Timeline or delve deeper through a selection of LSE History blog posts - and uncover some of the secrets of hidden LSE.

New on the LSE History blog: LSE's first prospectus

LSE staff and students: log in to the special 120th anniversary internal resources page to find out how you can get involved.