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 LSE120th Anniversary

Celebrating 120 years of LSE

Beatrice and Sidney Webb sitting on a bench in the 1940s 

In October 1895 LSE opened its doors to students for the first time. Find out more about LSE's history and join in our 120th anniversary celebrations. #LSE120|

Arthur Lewis at LSE

Nobel Prize winning economist Arthur Lewis (1915-1991) joined LSE in 1938 and was the School's first black academic. Stuart Corbridge and Sue Donnelly provide two different perspectives on Arthur Lewis at LSE.

Read Sue's blog post: Arthur Lewis at LSE - one of our best teachers|

The 'School': the LSE from the Webbs to the Third Way

Professor Michael Cox's Literary Festival talk on LSE's history is now available as a podcast here|.

Did you know?

In the epilogue to Pygmalion, Eliza Dootlittle attends classes at LSE to help her become a successful florist! Read more|

Beaver article on Malcolm X

On 11 February 1965 LSE's Old Theatre was packed to listen to Malcolm X; on 21 February he was murdered while preparing to address a meeting of the Organisation for Afro-American Unity in New York. Read more|

Gay Liberation Front banner at a Trafalgar Square Demonstration

In 1970 LSE student Bob Mellor founded one of the UK's most influential civil rights groups - the Gay Liberation Front. Their first meeting was held in LSE's St Clements building. Read more|

LSE beaver mascot

The LSE beaver mascot has a name – he’s called Felix. Why? LSE’s motto comes from Virgil’s Georgics. The full quote is “Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas”. 

LSE History blog

LSE History blog

Explore the key events in LSE's 120 years of history. Journey through LSE's past using our interactive Timeline| or delve deeper through a selection of LSE History blog| posts celebrating the School's rich history - and uncovering some of the secrets of hidden LSE.

New on the LSE History blog:

120 Anniversary Scholarships

LSE 120th Anniversary Scholarships

LSE will be offering 120 Anniversary Scholarships| for taught Master's students from the UK starting at LSE in 2015. The awards will vary in value, based on financial need, and are designed to help with fees and living costs. 

The minimum award will be £3,000 and the maximum award will be worth £25,000. Priority will be given to students from the UK who are applying for their first Master's programme and to recent graduates who were eligible for a maintenance grant during their undergraduate studies.

LSE staff and students: log in to the special 120th anniversary internal resources| page.