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 LSE120th Anniversary

Celebrating 120 years of LSE

Beatrice and Sidney Webb sitting on a bench in the 1940s 

In October 1895 LSE opened its doors to students for the first time. Find out more about LSE's history and join in our 120th anniversary celebrations. #LSE120

Latest news

Henry Hunt Hutchinson

Did you know? The will of a Derby lawyer led to LSE's foundation. How and why?

Tales from Houghton Street

Everyone at LSE has a story to tell. Listen online now to Tales from Houghton Street.

Foundations: LSE Library exhibition

Visit a new free exhibition Foundations: LSE and the Science of Society at the LSE Library, open until 19 December 2015.  

October campus tours

October's campus history tours are now fully booked - but look out for an online version launching soon.

LSE History blog

LSE History

Journey through LSE's past using our interactive Timeline or delve deeper through a selection of LSE History blog posts - and uncover some of the secrets of hidden LSE.

New on the LSE History blog: Funding the vision - Henry Hunt Hutchinson and his will.

LSE staff and students: log in to the special 120th anniversary internal resources page to find out how you can get involved.