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LSE Strategy 2020


Click here if you would like to download the pdf version LSE Strategy 2020. 


The LSE Strategy 2020 sets the path for the School for the next five years.

As outlined by LSE Director, Professor Craig Calhoun:


LSE has a lot to be proud of and we have already achieved much of what was set out in the vision and strategy from the review in 2014. From strengthening our faculty, which has resulted in remarkable success in the Research Excellence Framework and major improvements in most research-based and reputational rankings, to investing in LSE Careers and a PhD Academy, to launching four new institutes and a major renovation of the buildings at the heart of our campus. We have not been standing still.

We will continue with this progression at a pace which will maintain momentum, and the strategy sets this out in detail with firm action and real accountability for success. However, we must also make a step-change in the quality of LSE education and initiate long-term changes in material support and in the culture of the whole School to create an outstanding student experience building on LSE’s distinctive identity and strengths.

Strategy key points

The vision and strategy developed from the 2014 review emphasised:

  • The importance of strong research and outstanding faculty
  • The importance of our educational mission and leading in both high quality and innovative teaching and support for outstanding student experience
  • That LSE should build on its distinctive heritage and comparative advantages, and achieve a better integration among different dimensions of our work
  • The need for building a campus to support better student experience and teaching as well as research
  • The importance of enhancing and diversifying our revenue stream to support excellence with less proportionate reliance on student fees.

In addition to providing a clear direction on all of these priorities, the LSE Strategy 2020 has two emphases:

  • Improving education and student experience - see further information below.
  • Implementing the recommendations of the LSE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce. 

LSE Education Strategy 2015-2020

To turn our emphasis on education and student experience into a reality, LSE has published its first ever Education Strategy. Its core vision - that LSE leads in the provision of research-informed social science education - is underpinned by a set of objectives, activities and key performance indicators designed to refresh LSE’s distinctive educational tradition.