Further Reading

Background on the strategic themes

All students, staff, alumni and friends of LSE had the opportunity to join the conversation.

The world in which LSE operates is changing.

The UK has voted to leave the European Union, the new Office for Students is changing the shape of higher education, and the digital revolution is changing how we all live our lives. LSE needs to understand its role in this changing landscape and to evolve and respond to it.

The Shaping the Future of LSE consultation covered six strategic themes and participants had the option to answer any of the questions which were relevant to them.

Further reading on each topic was also available: 

LSE's Founding Purpose

LSE Education

LSE Research

Global Engagement and Impact

Alumni Engagement

Staff Engagement 

Open between 23 March until 06 July 2018, all students, staff, alumni and friends of LSE were invited to give their opinions via the Shaping the Future of LSE Consultation.