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Safety – see Health and safety

Safety and security – see Security, reception and porters

Safety policy (PDF)

Salary review of academic support staff – see LSE salaries or Promotion of academic support staff

Sandwich year – see The General Course

Scholarships and financial aid – see Financial Support Office

School accounts – see Annual Accounts 

School and departmental officers

School governance – see The structure of School governance (PDF)

School regulations and codes of practice

School services – see A–Z of services

Schools – see Information for teachers and schools

Science, Technology and the Public Sphere (STEPS)


Secretariat – see Planning and Corporate Policy Division

Secretary's Division – see Planning and Corporate Policy Division

Security, reception and porters

Senior Common Room

Senior Management of the School (PDF)

SERC (Spatial Economics Research Centre)

Service level definitions (IT Services)

Service request

Services – see A–Z of services

Information for teachers and schools

Services for students (Careers Service)

Services for students with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia

Services, support and administration

Sexual and racial harassment – see Procedure for resolving complaints about harassment

Shaw Library

Short course regulations – see Regulations for short courses and summer schools

Shop [LSE Students' Union]

Social care – see LSE Health and Social Care

Social care research – see NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) School for Social Care Research

Social Exclusion (CASE), Centre for Analysis of

Social media  - Policy and guidance on the use of social media by staff, and Guidance on the use of social media for students, see Policies and procedures. For LSE's presence in social media, see Social media 

Social Policy, Department of

Social Psychological Research into Racism and Multiculture (SPRRaM)

Social Psychology, Department of - see Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

Societies [LSE Students' Union]

Sociology, Department of

Sociology journal – see British Journal of Sociology

Software – see Software sales and information or Specialist software IT guides

Space for Thought, LSE literary festival

Spanish studies – see Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies

Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)

Specialist software IT guides

Specifications for a personal computer – see Our recommended minimum specifications for a personal computer


Sportsground, directions to – see Directions to LSE Sportsground

SPRRaM (Social Psychological Research into Racism and Multiculture)

SPSS – see Specialist software IT guides

SSC (Student Services Centre) forms

Staff (information for)

Staff (research) – see Research staff

Staff by department – see Telephone directory

Staff by research centre/institute – see Telephone directory (staff)

Staff Consultative Council

Staff Counselling Service

Staff Development Unit (now HR orgnisational and lifelong learning)

Staff directory – see Telephone directory

Staff disability survey

Staff publications – see LSE Experts Directory

Staff suggestions – see Bright Ideas

Staff support leave (including parental leave and leave for family emergencies)

Statistics, Department of

Statistics of students

Statistics on LSE

STEPS (Science, Technology and the Public Sphere)

STICERD (Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines)

Stochastics – see Risk and Stochastics Group

Strategic planning at LSE

Strategic Review Plan at LSE

Strategic Review at LSE

Strategy – see IDEAS: International Affairs, Diplomacy and Strategy

Strategy and operational research – see Management Science Group (MSG) (formerly Operational Research Group)

Structure of School governance, The (PDF)

Student advisers

Student counselling service

Student laptops – see Laptop surgery

Student radio – see PuLSE Radio

Student Recruitment Office

Student representation [LSE Students' Union]

Student Services Centre

Student Services Centre (SSC) forms

Student Support - see Academic Support Services, Student Support Services and the Teaching and Learning Centre


Students (research) – see Research students

Students' Union – see LSESU [LSE Students' Union]

Students' Union Shop – see LSESU Shop [LSE Students' Union]

Students' Union Societies [LSE Students' Union]

Students with their own computers – see Using your own computer

Study skills – see Teaching and Learning Centre

Study year abroad – see The General Course

Style guide – see LSE style guidelines

SU shop – see LSESU Shop  [LSE Students' Union]

Subject guides

Suggestions – see Bright Ideas

Summer School (China) – see LSE–PKU Summer School  
Summer Schools regulations – see Regulations for short courses and summer schools

Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)

Support – see Services, support and administration

Support contacts for remote access – see Remote access support contacts

Supporting LSE