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Safety – see Health and safety |

Safety and security – see Security, reception and porters |

Safety policy| (PDF)

Salary review of academic support staff – see LSE salaries| or Promotion of academic support staff|

Sandwich year – see The General Course
Scholarships and financial aid – see Financial Support Office|

School accounts – see Annual Accounts| 

School and departmental officers
School governance – see The structure of School governance| (PDF)

School regulations and codes of practice|

School services – see A–Z of services|

Schools – see Information for teachers and schools
Science, Technology and the Public Sphere (STEPS)|


Secretariat – see Planning and Corporate Policy Division

Secretary's Division – see Planning and Corporate Policy Division

Security, reception and porters
Senior Common Room|

Senior Management of the School| (PDF)

SERC (Spatial Economics Research Centre) |

Service level definitions| (IT Services)

Service request
Services – see A–Z of services|

Information for teachers and schools|

Services for students| (Careers Service)

Services for students with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia
Services, support and administration
Sexual and racial harassment – see Procedure for resolving complaints about harassment|

Shaw Library |

Short course regulations – see Regulations for short courses and summer schools
Shop| [LSE Students' Union]

Social care – see LSE Health and Social Care|

Social care research – see NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) School for Social Care Research|

Social Exclusion (CASE), Centre for Analysis of |

Social media  - Policy and guidance on the use of social media by staff, and Guidance on the use of social media for students, see Policies and procedures|. For LSE's presence in social media, see Social media| 

Social Policy, Department of |

Social Psychological Research into Racism and Multiculture (SPRRaM)
Social Psychology, Department of|

Societies| [LSE Students' Union]

Sociology, Department of|

Sociology journal – see British Journal of Sociology |

Software – see Software sales and information or Specialist software IT guides

Space for Thought, LSE literary festival

|Spanish studies – see Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies
Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Specialist software IT guides

Specifications for a personal computer – see Our recommended minimum specifications for a personal computer|

Sportsground |

Sportsground, directions to – see Directions to LSE Sportsground
SPRRaM (Social Psychological Research into Racism and Multiculture)
SPSS – see Specialist software IT guides

SSC (Student Services Centre) forms |

St Philips Medical Centre
Staff| (information for)

Staff (research) – see Research staff
Staff by department – see Telephone directory |

Staff by research centre/institute – see Telephone directory| (staff)

Staff Consultative Council
Staff Counselling Service |

Staff Development Unit| (now HR orgnisational and lifelong learning)

Staff directory – see Telephone directory |

Staff disability survey
Staff publications – see LSE Experts Directory |

Staff suggestions – see Bright Ideas |

Staff support leave| (including parental leave and leave for family emergencies)

Statistics, Department of|

Statistics of students |

Statistics on LSE
STEPS (Science, Technology and the Public Sphere)|

STICERD (Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines)|

Stochastics – see Risk and Stochastics Group|

Strategic planning at LSE |

Strategic Review Plan| at LSE

Strategic Review| at LSE

Strategy – see IDEAS: International Affairs, Diplomacy and Strategy |

Strategy and operational research – see Management Science Group (MSG) (formerly Operational Research Group)

Structure of School governance, The| (PDF)

Student advisers |

Student counselling service |

Student laptops – see Laptop surgery|

Student radio – see PuLSE Radio |

Student Recruitment Office|

Student representation| [LSE Students' Union]

Student Services Centre
Student Services Centre (SSC) forms |

Student support and study skills – see Learning, support and career development skills|


Students (research) – see Research students
Students' Union – see LSESU| [LSE Students' Union]

Students' Union Shop – see LSESU Shop| [LSE Students' Union]

Students' Union Societies| [LSE Students' Union]

Students with their own computers – see Using your own computer|

Study skills – see Learning, support and career development skills|

Study year abroad – see The General Course|

Style guide – see LSE style guidelines |

SU shop – see LSESU Shop|  [LSE Students' Union]

Subject guides
Suggestions – see Bright Ideas
Summer School (China) – see LSE–PKU Summer School
Summer School (London)
Summer Schools regulations – see Regulations for short courses and summer schools

Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)
Support – see Services, support and administration|

Support contacts for remote access – see Remote access support contacts
Supporting LSE|