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Language Centre – see LSE Language Centre

Laptops – see Laptop surgery

Law, Department of

Lawyers' alumni group

Learn for You

Learning Technology (CLT), Centre for

Learning World – see LSE Learning World at Moodle

Learning support - see Teaching and Learning Centre

Leave – see Annual leave

Lectures – see LSE public lectures and events

Legal and compliance

Letters of Richard Cobden [University of East Anglia]

Libraries – see Using other libraries

Library – see LSE Library

Library and information skills – see Information skills booking

Library archives – see Archives

Library catalogue

Library guides – see Guides (Library)

Library opening hours

Licences – see Copyright and licences

Linking Up initiative

Literary Festival 'Space for Thought'

Lockers – see General information

Logic – see Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, Department of

London accommodation – see Central London Accommodation (LSE residences)

London – see Greater London Group or LSE London

London Centre for Urban and Metropolitan Research – see LSE London

London Development Workshops – see LSE London Development Workshops

Long Wave Events, LSE Mackinder Programme for the Study of

Lost property – see Property lost and found

LSE alumni – see LSE Advancement (LSE online alumni community)

LSE and research [PDF brochure]

LSE and the environment

LSE Asia Forum

LSE China

LSE Circles Network

LSE Cities

LSE Climate Network – see The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

LSE Connect

LSE Consulting

LSE Enterprise

LSE Experts Directory

LSE for You

LSE for You project board

LSE Foundation and Centennial Fund – see Giving from the USA

LSE Global Governance [formerly the Centre for the Study of Global Governance (CsGG)]

LSE handbook for graduate teaching assistants

LSE Health

LSE Health and Social Care

LSE history

LSE Housing and Communities


LSE internships

LSE Language Centre

LSE Learning World (login to Moodle required)

LSE Live (live webcasts of public lectures and events)

LSE London

LSE London Development Workshops

LSE Mackinder Programme for the Study of Long Wave Events

LSE Magazine - see LSE Connect

LSE Media Group

LSE Midlands Friends

LSE payments service – see LSE Wallet 

LSE–PKU Summer School

LSE Perspectives

LSE's plan for strategic action

LSE public lectures and events

LSE Public Policy Group

LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)

LSE Research Online

LSE residences

LSE staff disability survey

LSE statistics (about the School) – see Planning Unit

LSE strategic plan

LSE style guidelines

LSE timeline – see LSE history

LSE virtual tour

LSE Wallet 


LSESU [LSE Students' Union]

LSESU Shop [LSE Students' Union]