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H:space – see Access your files and LSE resources|

Halls of residence – see LSE residences |

Handbook for graduate teaching assistants – see Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants|

Have your say|

Headlines – see Daily headlines|

Heads of Department Handbook

Heads of department, institute and centre contacts|

Health – see LSE Health|

Health and safety |

Health and safety at work – see Safety policy| (PDF)

Health and social care – see LSE Health and Social Care|

Health centre – see St Philips Medical Centre|

Hellenic Observatory |

Help |

Help for students – see Student advisers|

Help with problems – see What to do if you have a problem |

Hiring conference space at LSE|

History – see Economic History, Department of| or International History, Department of|

History of LSE – see LSE history|

Honorary fellows – see Regulations as to honorary fellows|

LSE Advancement| (LSE online alumni community)

House style - see Guidance on LSE house style|

Housing – see LSE Housing and Communities |

How to access the IT facilities – see IT help desk |

How to apply| (graduate)

How to apply| (undergraduate) 

How to get to LSE|

HP Innovation Research Programme|

Human Resources|

Human Rights, Centre for the Study of |

Humanitarian Law – see International Humanitarian Law Project|