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H:space – see Access your files and LSE resources

Halls of residence – see LSE residences

Handbook for graduate teaching assistants – see Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Have your say

Headlines – see Daily headlines

Heads of Department Handbook

Heads of department, institute and centre contacts

Health – see LSE Health

Health and safety

Health and safety at work – see Safety policy (PDF)

Health and social care – see LSE Health and Social Care

Health centre – see St Philips Medical Centre

Hellenic Observatory


Help with problems – see What to do if you have a problem

Hiring conference space at LSE

History – see Economic History, Department of or International History, Department of

History of LSE – see LSE history

Honorary fellows – see Regulations as to honorary fellows

LSE Advancement (LSE online alumni community)

House style - see Guidance on LSE house style

Housing – see LSE Housing and Communities

How to access the IT facilities – see IT help desk

How to apply (graduate)

How to apply (undergraduate) 

How to get to LSE

HP Innovation Research Programme

Human Resources

Human Rights, Centre for the Study of

Humanitarian Law – see International Humanitarian Law Project