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EASI – see Electronic resources|

Economic History, Department of|

Economic Performance (CEP), Centre for| 

Economics, Department of|

Economics and Finance in Southern Africa (CREFSA), Centre for Research into

Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD), Suntory and Toyota International Centres for|

Economics of Education (CEE), Centre for the|

Economists' Bookshop – see Waterstone's Economists' Bookshop|

EDS Innovation Research Programme – see HP Innovation Research Programme|

Education Research Group| [formerly Centre for Educational Research (CER)]

Educational Research (CER) Centre for – see Education Research Group|

EFPU (European Foreign Policy Unit)|

Electronic journals (ejournals)

Electronic library – see Electronic resources
Electronic Library: past exam papers| (access from within the School only)

Electronic resources
Email access via web – see Web access to email|

Email directory – see Telephone directory|

EMBA – see TRIUM Global EMBA |

Emergency leave – see Staff support leave|

Employment – see Jobs at LSE |

Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group

EMRG (Environmental Management Review Group)|

Energy, Water and Environment Communities (EWE) project|

English language – see English programmes|

English programmes|

Entertainments| [LSE Students' Union]

Environment – see either Energy, Water and Environment Communities (EWE) project| or Environmental Management Review Group (EMRG)| or Geography and Environment, Department of| or Sustainable LSE|

Environmental Management Review Group (EMRG)|

EPIC (European Political-Economy Infrastructure Consortium) – see Population Investigation Committee (PIC)|

Equality (racial) – see Equality and diversity|

Equality and diversity at LSE blog|

ESRC NDA MAP2030: Modelling Ageing Populations to 2030 |

Estates Division |

Estates Division service request – see Service request (helpdesk) |


Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), Association for the Study of |

EU Kids Online|

Eurohealth |

European Foreign Policy Unit (EFPU)| 

European Institute|

European Journal of Women's Studies| 

European policy – see Third Sector European Policy (TSEP)|

European Political-Economy Infrastructure Consortium (EPIC) – see Population Investigation Committee (PIC)|

European studies – see European Institute|

Event services – see Hiring conference space at LSE |

Events – see Public events |

Events office – see Conference and Events Office |

Events open to the public – see Public events|

Events transcripts|

Evidence – see The nature of evidence: how well do 'facts' travel? |

EWE (Energy, Water and Environment Communities project)|

Exam papers – see Electronic Library: past exam papers| (access from within the School only)

Examination entry and results (graduate)

Examination entry and results (undergraduate)

Examinations office – see Examination entry and results (graduate) and Examination entry and results (undergraduate)

Executive education|

Executive Summer School|

Expertise – see Research and expertise|

Experts Directory, LSE|

External Relations Division|

External study – see University of London International Programmes|