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Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies|

Capital Market Dysfunctionality, The Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of|

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Careers at LSE – see Jobs at LSE
Career development skills – see Learning support and career development skills|
Careers Service|

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CCS (Centre for Civil Society)|

CEE (Centre for the Economics of Education)|

Centennial fund – see Giving from the USA
Central London Accommodation (LSE residences)|

Centres (research) – see Research centres|
CEP (Centre for Economic Performance)|

CER (Centre for Educational Research) – see Education Research Group|
Ceremonies – see Presentation ceremonies

Faith Centre|

Charles Booth Online Archive|

Chevening Gurukul Leadership Programme, The

Child care – see Nursery|
Children's safe use of the internet – see EU Kids Online|

China – see LSE China|

China Summer School – see LSE–PKU Summer School
Circles Network|

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Cities Programme|
Cities, LSE|

Civil society, Centre for (CCS)|
Climate Change and the Environment, The Grantham Research Institute on|

Climate Change Economics and Policy, Centre for|

Climate network – see The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment|

CLT (Centre for Learning Technology)
Cluster teams contact list|

Cobden Letters – see The Letters of Richard Cobden| [University of East Anglia]
Code of practice for the publishing of information on the LSE world wide web server|
Codes of practice – see School regulations and codes of practice |

Cold War Studies Programme|
Collection development policies|

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Columbia University and LSE Alliance|
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Common room – see Administrative Staff Common Room or Senior Common Room|
Communications – see Media@LSE: Department of Media and Communications|; see also Communications section in the External Relations Division|; for 'Guidance on LSE house style and best communications practice' see Policies and procedures

Complexity Research Programme|
Computer Security Research Centre – see Information Systems and Innovation Group
Computers – see Public computer areas| and Recommended minimum specifications for a personal computer for use at LSE|

Conference and Events Office|
Conference space – see Hiring conference space at LSE|
Confucius Institute for Business London 伦敦商务孔子学院|

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Contemporary Turkish Studies|
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CsGG (Centre for the Study of Global Governance) – see LSE Global Governance|

CSRC (Crisis States Research Centre)|

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