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Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies

Capital Market Dysfunctionality, The Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of

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Careers Service

CARR (Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation)

CASE (Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion)

Catalogue – see Library catalogue

Catering Services
CATS (Centre for the Analysis of Time Series)

CCS (Centre for Civil Society)

CEE (Centre for the Economics of Education)

Centennial fund – see Giving from the USA
Central London Accommodation (LSE residences)

Centres (research) – see Research centres
CEP (Centre for Economic Performance)

CER (Centre for Educational Research) – see Education Research Group
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Faith Centre

Charles Booth Online Archive

Chevening Gurukul Leadership Programme, The

Child care – see Nursery
Children's safe use of the internet – see EU Kids Online

China – see LSE China

China Summer School – see LSE–PKU Summer School
Circles Network

CIS (Centre for International Studies)

Cities Programme
Cities, LSE

Civil society, Centre for (CCS)
Climate Change and the Environment, The Grantham Research Institute on

Climate Change Economics and Policy, Centre for

Climate network – see The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

CLT (Centre for Learning Technology)
Cluster teams contact list

Cobden Letters – see The Letters of Richard Cobden [University of East Anglia]
Code of practice for the publishing of information on the LSE world wide web server
Codes of practice – see School regulations and codes of practice

Cold War Studies Programme
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Columbia University and LSE Alliance
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Complexity Research Programme
Computer Security Research Centre – see Information Systems and Innovation Group
Computers – see Public computer areas and Recommended minimum specifications for a personal computer for use at LSE

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Confucius Institute for Business London 伦敦商务孔子学院

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Contemporary Turkish Studies
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Court of Governors

CPNSS (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science)

Criminology, Mannheim Centre for

Crisis States Research Centre (CSRC)

CsGG (Centre for the Study of Global Governance) – see LSE Global Governance

CSRC (Crisis States Research Centre)

Culture and cognition – see Programme in Culture and Cognition

Culture and Cognition Group

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CVO (Centre for Voluntary Organisation) – see Civil Society (CCS), Centre for

Cypriot studies – see Hellenic Observatory