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Beaver – see The Beaver| [LSE Students' Union]

Benefits and services| (for alumni)

Best practice guide for LSE web editors – see Editorial and CMS guides|

Bibliography of the social sciences – see IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)| [ProQuest]

Biomedicine and society – see BIOS|

BIOS| (Centre for the Study of Bioscience, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society)

Bioscience and society – see BIOS|

Bioscience, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society (BIOS), Centre for the Study of|

Biotechnology and society – see BIOS|

BJIR (British Journal of Industrial Relations)|

Blogs – see LSE blogs|

Books – see New books|

Bookshop – see Waterstone's Economists' Bookshop on campus|

Brain, Self and Society|

Briefing| (staff access only)

Bright Ideas|

British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR)|

British Journal of Sociology|

British Library of Political and Economic Science

British policy and politics at LSE blog| [LSE Public Policy Group/Department of Government]

British Society for Population Studies|

Bullying – see Procedure for resolving complaints about harassment in the School|

Business – see Management, Department of|

Business continuity|

Business History Unit|

Business partnerships|