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Dr Paul Kirby


Kirby100x130Paul's research focuses predominantly on theories of sexual violence. He is interested in the multiple ways that sexual violence is understood in feminist and gender theory and war studies, the relationship between gender and political violence in times of war and peace, the translation of ideas of sexual violence between different contexts, and the diverse representations of victims and perpetrators. He is currently writing a book on these themes. Paul has also worked on policy responses to gender violence in the Women, Peace and Security agenda, and has a particular interest in the UK government’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. He is also developing projects on the ‘Men, Peace and Security’ agenda and on the dynamics of the WPS agenda in the global north. 

Paul was previously a co-editor of the European Journal of International Relations (2014-2015), one of three editors of Millennium: Journal of International Studies for Volume 39 (2010-2011), co-editor (with Marsha Henry) of a special issue of International Feminist Journal of Politics on the topic of 'Rethinking Masculinities and Practices of Violence in Conflict Settings’ (2012), and most recently co-editor (with Laura J. Shepherd) of a special issue of International Affairs on ‘The Futures of Women, Peace and Security’ (2016), marking 15 years since UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

Selected Publications: