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Professor Christine Chinkin

  • Director

Christine ChinkinChristine Chinkin, Fellow of the British Academy, is Emerita Professor of International Law and founding Director of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security.

Professor Chinkin is a leading expert on international law and human rights law, especially the international human rights of women. In 2000, her co-authored, ground-breaking book with Hilary Charlesworth, ‘The Boundaries of International Law: a feminist analysis’ examined the status of women in human rights and international law’. In 2005, in recognition of this and other contributions, Chinkin and Charlesworth were awarded the American Society of International Law, Goler T. Butcher Medal 'for outstanding contributions to the development or effective realization of international human rights law'.

Professor Chinkin has been a consultant or advisor to UN bodies on a range of issues including human trafficking gender-based persecution in armed conflict, peace agreements and gender and violence against women. She was a member of the UN fact-finding missions to Gaza in 2007 (Beit Hanoun) and 2009 (the Goldstone Report).

Professor Chinkin is a leading expert on the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). She co-edited the seminal book ‘The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women: A Commentary’ and authored the chapter on violence against women and girls. She was scientific advisor to the Council of Europe Committee that drafted the Convention on Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (the 'Istanbul Convention'), the most far-reaching international treaty aimed at tackling violence against women and domestic violence. 

She is a currently a member of the three-person Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel, a member of the steering board of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative of the UK Government, and specialist advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Sexual Violence in Conflict. She is a barrister, and an academic member of Matrix Chambers.

Selected publications


Selected articles and chapters

  • ‘Addressing Violence against Women in the Commonwealth  within States’ Obligations under International Law’, 40 Commonwealth Law Bulletin (2014) pp.471-501 (This was a paper written for the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting, May 2014).
  • Chinkin,C. and Kaldor,M. 'Gender and New Wars' Journal of International Affairs, 67 (1) (2013) pp.167-190
  • ‘International Dispute Resolution with Particular Attention to China’, in Collected Courses of the Xiamen Academy of International Law, vol 4 (2011) 211-307 (Martinus Nijhoff, 2013).
  • Accesso a la Justicia, Género y Derechos Humanos’ in Violencia de Género Estragia de litigio para la defense de los derechos de las mujeres, (2010, Ministerio Publico de la Defensa, Buenos Aires) 17-49.
  • Chinkin,C., and Rangelov,I. 'A Bottom-Up Approach to Redressing past Violations of Human Rights', in D Kostovicova and M Glasius (eds) Bottom-Up Politics: An Agency Approach to Globalization (Palgrave, 2011) 112 – 126.
  • Chinkin, C and Gordon, J. 'The UK CEDAW story.'  European Human Rights Law Review 2011, 3, 274-293.
  • 'International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and the UK Courts’, in L. Boisson de Chazournes and M. Kohen, International law and the Quest for its Implementation (Martinus Nijhoff, 2010) 243
  • 'Panel Discussion: Has International Law Civilized Conflicts since 1907?' (Chinkin, C.; Tomuschat, C.; Ronzitti, N.) Veroffentlichungen - Walther Schucking Instituts fur Internationales Recht an der Universitat Kiel  Vol. 173 (2009) pp. 509-520
  • 'An International Law Framework with Respect to International Peace and Security' in Marlies Glasius and Mary Kaldor, A Human Security Doctrine for Europe (Routledge 2006) 173-199. 
  • 'Feminist Approaches to International Law: Reflections from Another Century', in Doris Buss and Ambreena Manji (eds), International Law Modern Feminist Approaches (Hart Publishing, 2005) 17-47 (with H. Charlesworth and S. Wright).
  • 'Post Conflict Reconstruction and Rehabilitation', in Radhika Coomaraswamy and Dilrukshi Fonseka (eds), Peace Work (Women Unlimited/ICES, 2004) 208-37.
  • 'Regulatory Frameworks in International Law', in Christine Parker, Colin Scott, Nicola Lacey and John Braithewaite (eds), Regulating Law (Oxford University Press, 2004) 246-268 (with H. Charlesworth)
  • 'Feminist Reflections on International Criminal Law', in Andreas Zimmermann (ed.), International Criminal Law and the Current Development of Public International Law (Duncker and Humblot, 2002) 125-60.  
  • The United Nations Decade for the Elimination of Poverty: What Role for International Law? 54 Current Legal Problems, 553-589 (2001)

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Christine Chinkin
Christine Chinkin
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