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Working on Gender Equality in Fragile Contexts

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In partnership with the Gender and Development Journal, Oxfam, OECD-DAC and the UK Gender Action for Peace and Security Network (GAPS).

  • 6 December 2016
  • Speakers include: Bele Grau; Diana Koester; Corrie Sissons; Rainatou Sow 
  • Discussant: Hannah Bond
  • Introduction: Christine Chinkin; and Chair: Caroline Sweetman
  • #LSEGenderDev

Two billion people live in countries where development outcomes are affected by fragility, conflict, and violence. This panel, convened for the launch of Gender and Development journal’s new issue, is dedicated to the challenges of working on gender in fragile contexts. It aims to contribute to knowledge around the need to address gender inequality (in policy and practice in fragile contexts), based on women's and girls' realities (in fragile conflict-affected locations) - and share experience and analysis about what this means in practice.


Bele Grau is a PhD candidate at the Goethe University Frankfurt, conducting an ethnographic research project on women’s movements in Afghanistan.

Diana Koester advises the OECD-DAC International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF) on gender, peacebuilding and statebuilding and conducts DPhil (Politics) research on these issues at the University of Oxford.

Corrie Sissons  is a member of the Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods Team (EFSVL) in Oxfam’s Global Humanitarian Team, and former EFSVL Coordinator for Iraq.

Rainatou Sow  is Executive Director of Make Every Woman Count, an African woman-led organisation which serves as a mobilising, networking, information, advocacy and training platform for African women by building their leadership capacities to influence policy and decision making. Rai has over 10 years of experience working in the field of development, women and youth with organisations such as the International Organisation for Migration, World Health Organisation and UNICEF. 

Hannah Bond (discussant) is Director of GAPS, the UK Gender Action on Peace and Security Network. 

Christine Chinkin (introduction) is Director of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security and member of the GAPS board.

Caroline Sweetman (chair) is Editor of Gender and Development. 


Event recording

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