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Statistics is enduringly and increasingly important for making sense of the enormous amounts of data in today’s world

On this page you will find information on what an SSLC rep is, who your rep is on your degree programme and how to apply to be come a rep yousrelf. It is broken down into undergraduate and postgraduate sections. 

Information for BSc students

General SSLC information for Department of Statistics BSc students


Each programme in the Department of Statistics has a number of student representatives. These reps are one way in which staff and student communicate with each other and the committees play a key role in improving the students experience within the department. The SSLC is run twice a year, once in Michaelmas Term and once in Lent Term. They are important committees as they provide a forum for feedback from students on their programme and for discussion of issues which effect the student community as a whole. 

If you have any thoughts, ideas or concerns about your programme then these can be raised and discussed at the SSLC by your student representative.

The role of an SSLC rep is central to effective quality assurance of courses and programmes in the school and those chosen as a representative will be given full training by the students' union. The SSLC also elects one rep to attend the relevant school level UG students consultative committee forum. Find out more information on the Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum

How to become a representative

If you are interested in becoming a student representative then please contact your programme administrator Steve who will be able to provide you with details of whether there is currently any availability within your programme and what to do next.

If you are a Undergraduate student and would like to put yourself forward for a BSc SSLC rep position, then please contact Steve Ellis.  

How can i get in contact with my SSLC representative? 

If you have any issues that you would like your SSLC rep to raise at the next meeting, then please email Steve and he will give you the email address of your appropraite SSLC rep.

Your undergraduate SSLC reps for 2018/19

BSc Actuarial Science

BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics, BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Business & BSc Statistics with Finance 

Information for MSc students 

General SSLC information for Department of Statistics MSc students


SSLC reps play a crucial role in the running of the Department, by ensuring that student concerns are addressed and that students have a say in the running of their programme.

Typically, each MSc programme in the Department of Statistics will have one or more student representatives. Note that the 3 MSc Statistics programmes (Statistics, Financial Statistics and Social Statistics) are all covered by one SSLC. MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management and MSc Data Science have their own SSLCs.

The Department SSLC meetings for each programme take place twice a year - once in Michaelmas Term and once in Lent Term - and all students are encouraged to attend. These committees provide an important forum for feedback from students on their programme, as well as any other issues affecting the student cohort.

SSLC representatives

As a student rep, you are responsible for keeping in touch with your peers on your programme and feeding back any comments or concerns to the MSc Administrator or Programme Director.

The role of SSLC rep is crucial to effective quality assurance of courses and programmes in the School; and those chosen as SSLC rep will be given full training by the Students Union. As well as having the potential to increase your profile and confidence during your time at LSE, the role of SSLC rep is a great addition to your CV.

Generally, two reps are appointed per programme; one who will represent students at the departmental SSLC meetings, and a second rep who will attend the termly Taught Graduate Students’ Consultative Forum at School level.

Note that the above roles are interchangeable and students are free to rotate their roles (for example one rep may attend the departmental meeting in MT, then the Taught Forum in LT, and vice versa). It is not always necessary for reps from all programmes to attend the Taught Forum, so SSLC reps across programmes may agree amongst themselves who represents the Department at this Forum.

How to become a representative

The MSc Administrator will email students in the first few weeks of Michaelmas Term to ask for volunteers. In the event that several students express an interest in the role, the MSc Administrator will provide instructions to the interested students as to how they will be selected. In these cases, the final decision on who to elect will be made by the Programme Director and MSc Administrator for the programme in question.

How can I get in contact with my SSLC representative?

The names and email addresses of your SSLC representatives will be available on each programme’s Moodle page. Generally reps will also email their peer group early in MT to introduce themselves. Alternatively you can always contact Sarah McManus, MSc Administrator, who can give you the email addresses of your reps.

Your postgraduate SSLC reps for 2017/18

MSc Data Science

Michal Heydel
Malika Malik

MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management

Ioannis Karayiannis
Aimilia Kosyva
Hanh Le
Liqun Mao

MSc Statistics and MSc Social Statistics

Fiona Christie
Martin Pawelcyzk

MSc Financial Statistics

Rahee Ambani
Kanupriya Bhargava