Offer Holder FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I find the Department of Statistics?

The Department is based in Columbia House, on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors (see LSE maps and directions).

What does a 'Conditional offer' mean?

If you haven’t already, you would find it helpful to look at the LSE Offer Pack for Undergraduates or Graduates, or you will receive a hard copy when your offer is posted to you.

A conditional offer refers to: 

‘You do not yet satisfy the academic conditions required before entry but you plan to do so. Your conditions are given in the offer letter and may include tests such as English language as well as degree results, or attendance at Pre-sessional/ Introductory or LSE Summer School courses.’

In the event that you failed to meet one of the offer conditions (i.e. your degree result was not what you expected) you should still send your results and the Selectors will consider whether your offer can be confirmed. 


When is Registration?

Registration dates are scheduled on the following dates:

• Undergraduate: TBC

• MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management: TBC

• MSc Statistics, Financial Statistics and Social Statistics and Data Science: TBC

How do I change my mode of study?

You need to complete a “Change of Mode Form” found in this link: https://info.lse.ac.uk/current-students/services/change-of-mode-of-study.

This will then be processed by Graduate Admissions and they will issue a revised offer email.

How do I contact LSE Accomodation? 

Any queries about accommodation are answered by the LSE Accommodation Office. Therefore I would advise to contact the Accommodation Office for further support and information.

You can find their website here: http://www.lse.ac.uk/student-life/accommodation  

And their email address is: accommodation@lse.ac.uk

Do I meet the English Language Requirements?

You can find out whether you meet our English language requirements at the link below:


If your offer is conditional, pending the English language requirement, it isn’t usually possible to change a condition once it has been set. Therefore if you have insuffient time for a retest and feel that you have a good reason, you will need to submit a waiver request here.

How do I apply for my visa or CAS?

Information on applying for your Tier 4 visa can be found here: 


 Make sure you have read all the guidance on this page, including under the tab ‘taught masters and diploma programmes’. This should answer all your queries. If you are still unsure about anything after this, then please contact our Visa Team, ISVAT, here. Regrettably, the Department of Statistics is not able to advise on visa queries.

I have failed my IELTS. What should I do?

Regrettably, we can only consider English language condition waivers in exceptional circumstances. Please see the information on our website for more information:



How do I provide proof of degree? 

You can find more information here on proof of degree:


Please visit the Graduate Admissions Online Enquiries System for further information.

How do I submit transcripts by email or post? 

You can submit your additional documents online here:


(scroll down to ‘how do I submit the additional information you have asked for’)

There are instructions at the link below regarding where to submit documents via the post:


I am currently on a waiting list. When will I receive a final decision? 

Please see our Graduate Admissions page here.

Graduate Admissions advise that any places will be offered from mid-August onwards, as there is no possibly to issue final decisions before then. 

If you do not reciveve an offer, you can reinstate your application to the next admissions cycle without paying a reinstatement fee. 

Can I find out more about LSE?

I have a different question, who can I contact? 

You should direct any queries relating to offer conditions to the Admissions Enquiries System.

For visa queries, please contact our International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) via their Online Enquiry Form.

For queries regarding the issuing of your CAS, please contact admissions.visa.queries@lse.ac.uk.

If your query relates to the Department of Statistics or your prospective degree programme, please contact statistics@lse.ac.uk.