Index of courses

Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses
ST102  Elementary Statistical Theory 
 ST107  Quatitative Methods (Statistics)
 ST108  Probability and Statistics for the Social Sciences
 ST201  Statistical Models and Data Analysis
 ST202  Probability, Distribution Theory and Inference
 ST203  Statistics for Management Sciences
 ST205  Sample Surveys and Experiments
 ST211  Applied Regression
 ST226  Actuarial Investigations: Financial
 ST227  Survival Models
 ST300  Regression and Generalized Linear Models
 ST301  Actuarial Mathematics (Life)
 ST302  Stochastic Processes
ST303  Stochastic Simulation
 ST304  Time Series and Forecasting
ST306   Actuarial Mathematics (General)
 ST307  Aspects of Market Research
 ST308  Bayesian Inference
 ST312  Applied Statistics Project
 ST327  Market Research: An Integrated Approach
 ST330  Stochastic and Actuarial Methods in Finance

Graduate courses

Graduate courses
ST405  Multivariate Methods 
ST409  Stochastic Processes
ST411  Generalised Linear Modelling and Survival Analysis
 ST416  Multilevel Modelling
 ST418  Non-Linear Dynamics and the Analysis of Real Time Series
 ST421  Developments in Statistical Methods
 ST422  Time Series
 ST425  Statistical Inference: Principles, Methods and Computation
 ST426  Applied Stochastic Processes
 ST427  Insurance Mathematics
 ST429  Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance
 ST433  Computational Methods in Finance and Insurance
 ST435  Advanced Probability Theory
 ST436  Financial Statistics
 ST439  Stochastics for Derivatives Modelling
 ST440  Recent Developments in Finance and Insurance
 ST441  Introduction to Markov Processes and their Applications
 ST442  Longitudinal Data Analysis
 ST443  Machine Learning and Data Mining *
 ST444  Statistical Computing
 ST445 Managing and Visualising Data (H)
 ST447 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods (H)
 ST446 Distributed Computing for Big Data (H)
 ST498 Capstone Project/ Dissertation
 ST499  Dissertation

* Note for students: If you are taking MG4E1 Algorithmic Techniques for Data Mining, you cannot also take ST443.