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Advice hours for ST102 and ST107

These advice hours are based in LSE LIFE

Statistics is not just about looking at numbers, it's about what those numbers actually really mean, if they ever mean anything.

What are advice hours for ST102 and ST107?

For any student taking either of the large service-level courses, ST102 and ST107, advice hours will be run by class teachers in LSE LIFE, located on the ground floor of the Library.  LSE LIFE offers an open and spacious working environment for students studying ST102 or ST107 to drop in and ask questions specifically about these courses.  You can ask questions about lectures, something in textbooks, a question from your homework or anything else you encounter when studying the ST102 or ST107 courses.  No appointment is necessary, so just turn up! 

When are the advice hours and where?

In Summer Term for ST102 and ST107 advice hours will take place in LSE LIFE. Have a look below for all of the timings.  


  • Phil Chan
  • Carlton Chen
  • Davide de Santis
    Wednesday 12pm - 1pm in LSE Life  
  • Stella Hadjiantoni
    Friday 12pm - 2pm in LSE Life
  • Anastasia Kakou 
    Friday 2pm - 3pm in LSE Life 
  • Meena Kotecha
    Fridays 4pm - 5pm in LSE Life 
  • Hyeyoung Maeng 

  • Alice Pignatelli-Di-Cerchiara 
  • Cheng Qian
  • Yan Qu 
  • Alexandra Tsimbalyuk 
  • Xiaolin Zhu 
  • Junyi Zhang 
    Friday 1pm - 2pm in LSE Life
  • Li Zhao 
  • George Zouros

ST107 (Not taught in MT) 

  • Davide De Santis 
  • Anastasia Kakou 

  • Eleni Katirtzoglou
  • George Zouros