Yajing  Zhu

Yajing Zhu

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Statistics

About me

Yajing is a current PhD candidate in the Department of Statistics, social statistics group. Her thesis is thesis is devoted to constructing a comprehensive SEM that can help to understand the mechanism through which childhood SES contributes to health in later life, via social processes such as employment and partnership transitions over the course of life. Yajing’s main research interests are: longitudinal data analysis, structural equation modelling with an application to public health and epidemiology, migration, education and social policy.

Before coming to LSE, Yajing was trained as a financial mathematician during undergraduate and did some research in the application of hidden Markov models in detecting risks of macro-economic downturn and the pricing of American option contracts. She later realised her main interest in social statistics during her Master's study and started her PhD hoping to develop some methodology that can help understand social behaviour. She has also worked at the Dept. of Geography at UNamur, Belgium and the Grantham Research Institute at LSE and other projects related to the development of statistical models to assist research.

Apart from the academic work, Yajing is a trained piano player and is a big fan of classic music, especially the works of Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Schubert.