Alexandra Tsimbalyuk

Alexandra Tsimbalyuk

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Statistics

Office Hours
Fridays 2pm - 3pm in LSE LIFE

About me

Alexandra is a current PhD candidate at the Department of Statistics in the Probability in Finance and Insurance group, LSE. She began her Doctoral studies in 2015 under the supervision of professor Kostas Kardars and expects to complete her degree by 2019. Her work is funded by the LSE Studentships. Born and raised in Russia and Ukraine, Alexandra has developed a passion for interdisciplinary approaches to solve various mathematical problems. As a part of her Ph.D. research she concentrates on developing efficient estimators for the distribution of a perpetuity, also known as infinite horizon discounted reward. The distribution of a perpetuity arises in many applied settings including risk theory, mathematical finance, communication networks, number theory and computer science. 

Before commencing her postgraduate studies in London she obtained an MSc in Statistics from Technical University, Berlin. She was also a member and a scholar of Berlin Mathematical School, as well as Humboldt University. She holds a bachelor degree in applied mathematics and physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. She grew up on a family farm by the Black sea, Russia and enjoys poker, photography, tennis, and travelling.