Advise and feedback FAQ22

Advice and feedback FAQs

What type of feedback can I typically expect to get from my teachers?

The School and the Department of Statistics fully acknowledge the importance of providing timely and ongoing feedback to students, to enrich the learning experience. The type of feedback given will vary from course to course but typically may involve one or a combination of methods.

You will find that a number of teachers will set regular exercises which you will be required to hand in. As well as providing solutions and/or written commentaries on your work, teachers may give out solutions in class and discuss the most common mistakes with the class, if applicable. In addition, you may be given individual verbal feedback and/or encouraged to visit the teacher in his/her advice and feedback hours (this may be communicated in the form of a note on your homework).

Some teachers make use of Moodle, for example they may post quizzes on there; or some run discussion forums, in case you don’t feel that you can ask your question during class.

What are Advice and Feedback hours?

All academic staff hold weekly Advice and Feedback Hours which are designated for meeting with students to discuss either matters related to an individual course or more general queries.

How can I find out the Advice and Feedback hours for academic staff?

These are available on the Department of Statistics website here and can also be accessed via the general Moodle pages for each programme.

You may also find that some teachers will advertise their office hours either on the Moodle page for their course and/or on their personal website if they have one; others display them on their office door.

Bear in mind that Advice and Feedback Hours are subject to change, so please do check the website before turning up.

Do I need to book to attend Advice and Feedback hours?

For the most part, there is no need to book advice and feedback hours. However, some teachers may require that you book on LSE for You. Where this is the case, teachers will advise students both verbally during lectures and seminars, as well as on Moodle or their website.

What sort of queries/issues am I able to discuss during Advice and Feedback hours?

The queries that you may want to discuss at advice and feedback hours may include but are not limited to:

  • Clarifications on lecture material
  • Queries about homework and/or summative coursework
  • To obtain further, more detailed feedback on homework and/or coursework after it has been marked
  • Advice on typical examination questions and/or revision techniques
  • Advice on career development

Are there any issues that I should not be using Advice and Feedback hours to discuss?

We hope that you feel comfortable that you can discuss any topic during Advice and Feedback hours; however in some cases - for example personal matters that may affect your individual progress in your studies - it may be more appropriate to consult with your academic adviser (if you are an MSc students, this will be your Programme Director) since they may need to be kept informed of such matters anyway.

Although academic staff are always happy to help you with careers advice where they can, you will be able to obtain more detailed, targeted advice from LSE Careers. You can book a careers or CV discussion via LSE CareerHub from 9.30 on the day you would like the appointment. Please also look out for regular communications from both the departmental administration team, as well as LSE Careers for other careers events.

Similarly, while you are always welcome to speak academic staff about personal issues, for more serious issues (for example mental health concerns), it may be appropriate for you to get more specialised help. The LSE Student Counselling Service allows you to either book an appointment in advance or alternatively they also run 20 minute drop-in sessions on a daily basis. Please be aware however that they are not an emergency service, and if you feel that your situation is a crisis or emergency then please contact your GP or the nearest Accident and Emergency. You can find information here

Can I see a member of academic staff outside of their Advice and Feedback Hours?

Yes, it is always possible to see staff outside of Advice and Feedback Hours, but it is strongly recommended that you phone or email in advance. You can find all contact details here.

While academic staff are always happy to see you, do remember that they have other commitments so it is not guaranteed that they will be able to see you if you have not informed them of your visit in advance.

What sort of feedback will I get back on my assessed coursework?

Again this varies depending on the teacher but can include formal commentaries on individual students’ work, or in cases of group presentations, students may receive summary comments about the strengths/weaknesses of their work. Some teachers hold specific advice and feedback hours for project supervision, and students are always welcome to request feedback on their coursework after they have received their final exam grades.

Can I get feedback on my exam performance?

Regrettably it is not possible to provide students with feedback on their individual exam performance, however your teacher will be able to provide you with more general feedback on the exam paper. On some undergraduate courses, collective feedback is provided in the form of an examination commentary outlining solutions as well as common mistakes. In addition to this, all exam papers and in some cases exam solutions are available online here.

Are there any other ways to communicate with academic staff besides attending their Advice and Feedback Hours?

There are a number of alternative ways that you can contact academic staff besides attending Advice and Feedback Hours:

  • Some teachers run discussion forums on Moodle, where students can post their queries on a public forum and all students who are members of the course page on Moodle can view the conversation.
  • The termly Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meeting is a great opportunity for students to meet to discuss all aspects of teaching. As part of this process, elected student representatives act as a liaison point between academic staff and students. Please speak to the Undergraduate or MSc Administrator to find out more, or look out for information in the administrator weekly email updates.
  • The Department has also recently set up a comment and suggestions box, where you can post anonymous feedback on your course or the Department as a whole. The box will be checked regularly by members of the Administrative team and we will post responses on our website. You can find this on the group floor with all the other homework boxes (Box 40, with the pink label).
  • If you are a first year undergraduate student and are taking, or have taken a first year Mathematics or Statistics course, you may want to visit the Maths & Stats Support Centre, a drop-in academic surgery. Specifically, Statistics provides 3 hours of open sessions one day per week, one of which is run by James Abdey, the lecturer for ST102. You can find more information here.
  • Finally are more than welcome to drop into the Administrative Office (COL 6.11) during their office hours of Monday to Friday 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.00. Although administrative staff cannot advise you on academic matters, they can point you in the right direction if you are not sure where to direct your query. You can find their contact details here.