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MSc Social and Public Communication

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Dissecting how and why we share thoughts, ideas, and information

This programme embodies LSE’s tradition for critical thinking, analytic rigor and interdisciplinary orientation. It is now in its fourteenth year with a body of over three hundred alumni working around the globe.

This programme will familiarize you with social psychological theory and research regarding public communication as a core aspect of contemporary life. It will prepare you for a career in the broad fields of public communication and consultancy and is exclusively recognised by the professional certification of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.


Students will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the social psychology of public communication and relevant social psychological processes within the public sphere.

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of major alternative positions underlying public communication, theory and practice.

  • Study within a world-renowned institution and by a cutting-edge Department leading the way in psychological and behavioural research.

Programme overview & entry requirements

For a full degree overview, fee guide and details on entry requirements, please see the Graduate Prospectus.

The MSc programme comprises of a number of course units (core and option). The core course and Methods course constitute the central focus of the MSc, providing an advanced understanding of theories, concepts and methods of research. These courses are taught by a team of lecturers. The various option courses allow you to pursue diverse interests in the social sciences, permitting a range of specialisms. In the research report you will draw upon the Methods course to conduct original research which develops your particular interests. 

For a full programme structure, links to the course guide and indicative reading lists, please see the programme calendar.

Graduate career destinations

The employment prospects of our graduates are excellent. In 2014/15, 83% were in employment in their desired fields just six months after graduation, applying the knowledge and skills obtained during their degree to a range of job sectors and 6% went on into further study.  

Our graduates go into employment where they are applying the knowledge and skills obtained during their degree to a range of job sectors including marketing and public relations, the media, business consultancy, local and national government, Human Relations, education (both research and teaching) NGO’s, charities and development organisations. 

About the programme director

Professor Martin W Bauer has been with the LSE since 1994, working closely with the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science. Bauer's research focuses on the changing science-society relations and the modern common sense as empirical issues of ‘social representations of X among Y’.

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