Research archive

Looking for more cutting edge research from our department? We've compiled our featured research here. 

From the world to the lab and back again.


PBS MSc dissertation research from the class of 2017

Learning about pro-social behaviours out of the lab: Matteo Galizzi's research on lab experiments and predictors of real-world behaviours

Openness to experience trumps intellectual curiosity for learning: Sophie von Strumm's research on personality learning traits and how people absorbed knowledge

Installation Theory: The Societal Construction and Regulation of Behaviour by Professor Saadi Lahlou 

How poverty affects people's decision-making processes: Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington's research on the relationship between socio-economic status and behaviour

Candidates' Wives and the Co-Construction of Leadership Ilka Gleib's research on the role presidential spouses place in construction leadership

Would you choose to be happy? Prof Paul Dolan's research on the study of subjective well-being

The conspiratorial worldview: Bradely Frank's research on conspiracy theorists and how they see the world

The Invisible Entrepreneurs: Lucia Garcia's research on entrepreneurship after 50

Beyond Moscovici: Scholars and students gathered in May 2017 to present and discuss scholarship that engages with and expands social representations theory

Open Minds: Brett Heasman's research on improving public understanding of autism by highlighting the perspectives of autistic people, their parents and their carers

Improving Healthcare Experiences with HCAT: Tom Reader and Alex Gillespie's research on using complaints to inform and improve hospitals and healthcare



The Social Representations of Unemployed Benefits Claimants: Celestin Okoroji's MSc dissertation research on the social stigma and impacts of unemployment

Altercations with A.I. or Correcting a Chat Bot: Alex Gillespie's research on misunderstanding and communication with artificial intelligence vs. humans


2015 (and before)

Underground Sociabilities: Prof Sandra Jovchelovtich's research on identity, culture, resistance and community development in Rio de Janeriro's favelas