MSc Social Research Methods programme content

The MSc Social Research Methods consists of:

  • Two core courses in Quantitative analysis. These are usually MY452: Quantitative Analysis II and MY455: Quantitative Analysis III or, in exceptional cases, MY452 and MY451: Quantitative Analysis I
  • Core courses in Research design (MY400:  Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design) and Qualitative research methods (MY421: Qualitative Research Methods)
  • Courses to the value of one unit (usually meaning two courses) from one of ten subject streams related to their substantial interests: Statistics, Social Psychology, Social Policy, Sociology, Philosophy, Government, Management, Decision and Policy Sciences, Population, and Development. Please see degree regulations and contact individual departments for availability of courses.
  • A dissertation, submitted in August.

    All students on the MSc programme have a personal Academic Mentor. The Academic Mentors' role is to give advice, monitor progress, help sort out any problems that may crop up and to be available in the future to provide references etc. The Mentor is normally the staff member who shares the student's academic department. Students should expect to meet with their Mentors a minimum of three times per term - in week 1, week 5 or 6 and in week 9 or 10. Students are invited to take the initiative in setting up the meetings. The MSc Programme director sees all the students at the beginning of the year and acts as a quasi-adviser for all students.