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MSc and PhD programmes in Methodology

2019/20 - Prospective Students

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The new application cycle is now open! Please make sure that you read and follow all our instructions for the application process to make sure that you submit the right documents in good time. Good luck with your application.

The Department of Methodology currently runs two master's programmes (MSc in Social Research Methods and new MSc in Applied Social Data Science) and one PhD programme (PhD in Social Research Methods), attracting around 60 students each year from different academic backgrounds and from a wide range of countries. Methodology has an extensive range of over 20 courses attracting students from a variety of other LSE departments.

The Department also jointly runs MSc in Data Science (apply through the Department of Statistics), and the MSc Operations Research and Analytics (apply through the Department of Mathematics).

NEW MSc in Applied Social Data Science

From September 2018, the Department of Methodology has commenced teaching for the new MSc in Applied Social Data Science.

The MSc in Applied Social Data Science offers students with a background in social sciences the chance to use data to answer social, economic or political questions using the tools of data analysis, data science and computation. The programme offers a series of courses in project-based programming, applied quantitative methods, and research principles in data science, designed for students without a formal computing or statistical background. Students  also have the opportunity to choose electives from other departments, reflecting their interests and backgrounds in a substantive research area. Capstone projects provide students with the opportunity to apply the technical skills they have learned to a project of their own design.

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