Women in Mathematics Seminar 5

The Department of Mathematics held the fifth seminar in the ‘Women in Mathematics’ series on Wednesday 28th November 2018.

"Women in Mathematics" is an academic, professional and personal development seminar series presented by leading female mathematicians to offer support, encouragement and advice to female staff and students.  It also provides an informal networking opportunity.

Seminar 5''s theme was "Women in STEM". 

Numbers & Narratives: Becoming a Woman Mathematician by Maria Tambokou Numbers & Narratives: Becoming a Woman Mathematician by Maria Tambokou


 Speaker: Professor Maria Tamboukou

Title: Numbers & Narratives: Becoming a Woman Mathematician

Maria's presentation slides and blog

This talk revolved around a research project of writing a feminist genealogy of women in mathematics, looking into the socio-historical conditions of their exclusion, but also tracing processes of going against the grain and becoming a woman mathematician in the margins of the field. This is an interdisciplinary project that combines narrative analysis of significant women mathematicians 'ego' documents, including autobiographies, diaries and letters with annotated bibliographies and reviews of their mathematical papers, as well as evaluations of their contribution to the fields of science and mathematics.

Maria Tamboukou is Professor of Feminist Studies at  the University of East London and Leverhulme Research Fellow in 2018-19. She has held visiting research positions in a number of institutions and is currently Affiliated Professor in Gender Studies at Linnaeus University, Sweden and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Educational Research at Griffith, Australia.

For further information or enquiries about the seminar series please contact: womeninmaths@maths.lse.ac.uk

Acknowledgements: The Women in Mathematics seminars have been supported by funding from the LSE Teaching and Learning Development Fund.