Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship

The Marshall Institute have broadened my perspective of the role private sector enterprises can play to advance the interests of society while navigating the inherent complexities of doing so. - Jay Patel


Executive Msc Social Business and Entrepreneurship Executive Msc Social Business and Entrepreneurship
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LSE’s ground-breaking Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship integrates social purpose and social impact with the highest level of business and management training. This executive programme is delivered in a flexible modular format enabling you to continue working full-time whilst studying.

The Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship puts social purpose at the heart of executive business education, making it a compelling alternative to the MBA. The programme provides students with analytical and practical skills to create and lead organisations that have a double or triple bottom line: profit, social impact and environmental sustainability.

The programme is designed for students who wish to combine business rigour and entrepreneurialism with a commitment to public benefit and for those who wish to bring social purpose to business. Entrepreneurship and leadership excellence are critically important to social innovation and social impact. This programme places those principles at its core.

Guided by expert LSE faculty and leading practitioners from the diverse field of private action for public benefit, you will get the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial mindset to pursue a career in social business.

You will take six courses:

  • The first two courses will introduce you to the political economy in which the social business operates, philosophical understandings of public benefit, and the definition and measurement of social impact.
  • The middle two courses will teach the basics of building a social business, introducing rigorous skills and concepts of marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and resource mobilisation.
  • In the final two courses, you will be invited to learn and practise applied skills – first, to use behavioural economics to design interventions for social impact, and second, to develop your skills as a leader for social impact.

Alongside the courses you will work with a group of fellow students to develop an entrepreneurial business proposal for social impact, bringing the academic learnings from across the degree programme into an applied experience.

You will study in an outstanding class of like-minded peers from across the world. In addition, you will become part of the Marshall Institute’s network of global practitioners, experts, academics and alumni who work to improve the impact and effectiveness of private action for the public good.

LSE is ranked as the #2 institution in the world for social science and management, and there is no better place to study social business.

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