Convening and connecting is at the heart of the Marshall Institute's mission


Creating impact together

The Marshall Institute will bring together the principal actors in private action for public benefit to share information, data, projects, and practice. We provide a platform for exchange between the key actors in the field, be they investors, foundations, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, or government agencies.

We host a range of regular events, seminars, and lectures including public lectures and high profile invitation-only events. We do so because we know that engaging with a range of public benefit actors helps our research with data, cases, and funding just as it supports our teaching programmes with project partners, internships, cases, and practitioner classes.  

The Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinets are informal roundtable discussions. We invite a group of stakeholders and experts to debate pressing topic in confidence and to propose follow-up actions. 

The discussions are by invitation only and are chaired by Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett (Chair and co-founder of Marshall Institute) or by the Institute Director, Stephan Chambers.

Learn more about our Kitchen Cabinets here

Public Lectures 

The Marshall Institutes regularly hosts public lectures where experts in the field of private action for the public benefit shares their insight. 

Our aim is to bring new perspectives to an underexposed field of research and knowledge. We invite distinguished experts to speak to the most pressing problems in the world today and to give their suggestions to how private action for public benefit can help solve these problems. 

All public lectures are held at LSE and are free.

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