The revamped lower ground floor with comfortable sofas, new carpet and screening.

Lower ground floor redevelopment

Creating new learning and study spaces to enhance your experience of using the Library

The lower ground floor of the Library (LGF) has been refurbished over the summer to improve student experience and provide a more welcoming and flexible working space.


In our Library satisfaction study and user research conducted last year, you said you would like more study spaces and better computers, more places for group study and more places to relax.


We have been working with a team of architects together with Library staff and the Students’ Union to provide a design that will enhance the look of the LGF and greatly improve the experience of using the space.This refurbishment provides:

  • Additional study spaces
  • Silent spaces for individual work with power and data
  • 84 PCs with Windows 10 and 48 iMacs
  • Use of colour and design to create a comfortable and inviting location
  • A variety of new furniture with space to relax
  • Additional power and data sockets
  • Use of acoustic screening to reduce noise

I need to access printing and binding, where is the Print & Copy Helpdesk?

The Print & Copy Helpdesk has moved to the IMT Walk In Centre on the 1st floor of the Library.

I need access to PCs with assistive technology, what provisions are being made? 

These are currently on the 1st floor of the Library beside room R121 by the IMT Walk In Centre.

Can I book the individual study desks?

Individual study desks on the lower ground floor are not currently bookable; however you can book desks on the 2nd floor of the Library.

I need to access the cash value loaders, where can I do this?

Cash Value Loaders are located on the 1st and lower ground floor of the Library.

What has happened to the lockers on the LGF?

The lockers on the lower ground floor have moved to the ground floor and can be accessed as usual.

I have a question that is not listed here

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