An architect's impression of what the lower ground floor of LSE Library will look like. Shows the curvy seats, new carpets and screen to help separate areas

Lower ground floor redevelopment

Creating new learning and study spaces to enhance your experience of using the Library

Work has begun on the redevelopment of the lower ground floor of the Library (LGF). This is to improve student experience and provide a more welcoming and flexible working space and place to meet. 

This is part of an ongoing programme of improvements to your Library. We have already seen the successful upgrade of spaces including the PhD Academy and LSE LIFE.

We know that the lower ground floor is a valued space for students, but we also know that it isn’t as practical or as inviting as it could be. This project will address many of the areas that students have expressed dissatisfaction with to create a fantastic new refreshed and vibrant working environment.

There will be an increase in study spaces, improved PCs and more flexible areas for group study and individual study.


We carried out more user research in December and we asked you if there was one thing you could change about the Library what would it be? 

You said you would like more study spaces and better computers, more places for group study and more places to relax. This redevelopment will provide all of those and more.


We have been working with a team of architects together with Library staff and the Students’ Union to provide a design that will enhance the look of the LGF and greatly improve the experience of using the space.

It will bring improvements in line with other areas of the Library including zones with comfortable flexible seating and working areas for short and long term use. It will incorporate acoustic panels to reduce noise and provide screening. The refurbished space will include new desks and flexible modular seating and new PCs. There will also be new upgraded beanbags to complement the space.

All of these upgrades will have modern quality finishes, with a bold palette of colours.

Why are you doing this work and did you consult with students and other Library users?

Improving student experience is at the very heart of what we are doing with this redevelopment. There will be an increase in study spaces, improved PCs and more flexible areas for group study and individual study. We carried out user research in December and we have also been working closely with the Students’ Union to take student views into account.

When is the redevelopment happening?

The work will begin on 24 July and is expected to take approximately eight weeks to be ready for the start of the new term.

It is not possible to carry out these upgrades without some disruption but we are working very hard to make sure that this work inconveniences the fewest people for the shortest time possible. 

I need to access printing and binding, what is happening to the Print & Copy Helpdesk?

The Print & Copy Helpdesk has moved to the IMT Walk In Centre on the 1st floor.

I need access to PCs with assistive technology, what provisions are being made?

Software will be added to PCs elsewhere in the Library. Please speak to a member or staff, or email us for assistance

I need to access cash top-up machines, where can I do this?

The Cash Value Loader is located on the 1st floor of the Library.

What is happening to the lockers on the LGF?

The lockers on the lower ground floor have moved to the ground floor and can be accessed as usual.

Can I still access the rolling stacks?

Materials in the rolling stacks will be fetched on demand by Library staff 11am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.  

Will I be able to access materials in the closed access, archives and TWL stores?

Yes there will still be access. Please follow the usual procedure to request material.  

Can I still access R01 teaching and activity room?

Yes R01 will still be accessible.

Can I still access the group study rooms and UX lab (RO7)?

No the UX lab and group study rooms will not be accessible for the duration of the project.

What is happening with the beanbags?

The beanbags will be moved to the Students’ Union at the beginning of the project. There will be new upgraded beanbags in the refurbished space.

I have a question that is not listed here.

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