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Visiting appointments

LSE Health welcomes researchers and others to engage in a period of study at the LSE on a specified project. Visiting staff will normally be academic researchers or other professionals with a proven track record in a relevant area. Once appointed, visiting staff are encouraged to attend LSE Health staff meetings and the Centre's informal and formal seminar series, to contribute to seminars and lectures when asked and to submit papers to the Centre's working paper series. We offer the following visiting appointments:

Visiting fellows and senior fellows

Visiting fellows and senior fellows will be scholars or persons of equivalent standing in an appropriate field. Visiting fellows may also be researchers in the early stages of their career. The maximum period of appointment is three years and the appointment carries no emolument. Visiting fellows and senior fellows can use the LSE Library and, by arrangement with the Senior Common Room Committee, may be admitted to temporary membership of the Senior Common Room. The School is not normally able to offer visiting staff any office space or administrative assistance.

Visiting professors

Visiting professors will be people of appropriate distinction, including those with a non-academic background who may have achieved prominence in public life or who have attained distinction in the professions. The maximum period of appointment is three years in the first instance. The appointment carries no emolument. Visiting professors can use the LSE Library and can become members of the Senior Common Room.

Application procedures

The School considers visiting staff nominations three times a year. Please submit your application to LSE Health (lse_health@lse.ac.uk) at least six weeks before the School's deadlines (available on LSE's HR website). To be eligible for consideration, an application must include:

  • a copy of your CV
  • a covering letter stating why you are applying, what you hope to achieve during your appointment and how you will contribute to the Centre's work
  • a completed nomination form: Visiting Fellow, Visiting Senior Fellow, Visiting Professor (please fill in your contact details and the section entitled 'Proposed contribution to the Centre')

Incomplete applications will not be considered.    

Current and past visiting staff