Research students

The following is an alphabetical list of students from (or affiliated with) the Department of Social Policy, researching Health Policy issues.

Aris Angelis

Research topic: Biomedical innovation: Multiple criteria decision analysis for value assessment of new medical technologies and policies to incentivise socially desirable R&D investments.
Supervisors: Dr Panos Kanavos and Professor Alistair McGuire
Research interests: Pharmaceutical economics and policy, value based pricing, biomedical R&D process and incentives for innovation, Health Technology Assessment, patient reported outcomes, personalised medicine, life sciences investments, sustainability of health care systems.
Personal information: Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Aris is a PhD student and a research associate at the Medical Technology Research Group, in LSE Health. He holds an MSc in International Health Policy-Health Economics from LSE and also an MSc in Biopharmacy from King's College London. Aris completed his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at Imperial College in 2007. Previous work includes intern roles with Novartis, working in the market access Department, and in the regulatory affairs evaluation division of the Greek National Organization for Medicine in Athens.
More information: Medical Technology Research Group website
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Ismini Drakou

Research topic: Inequalities and inequity in utilisation of health care among the older people in Greece.
Supervisor: Professor Elias Mossialos
Research interests: Ismini is researching the existence, the contribution of different socio-economic factors and the degree of horizontal inequity in health care utilization among the older population in Greece over time by using different Greek survey datasets and methods (ECHP, SHARE, PatraHIS and EU-SILK). More broadly, Ismini is interested in social policy, health policy and health economics in Greece.
Personal information: Ismini Drakou is Greek and lives in Athens. She holds a MSc in Health Planning and Financing from the LSE and a MSc in Hospital Care Management from the Greek National School of Public Health and a BSc in Sociology from Athens Panteion University. She has worked at Health Economics Department of National School of Public Health in health economics and sociology of health care projects like "Cost Analysis of the Services Provided for AIDS and HIV Patients", "Health Consumers' and Physicians' Attitudes towards the Hospital Care Provided" (relevant publications) etc. From 2000 she works at the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance at the Research and Analysis Unit as an expert in Health Economics working in social expenditure projects, long-term care in Greece, as well as, in 2002 she worked as an observer of the Greek delegation to the Economic Policy Committee (E.P.C.) set up by EU Council - working in the field of health care and ageing policy. Other work experience includes working in sociology of health care projects of Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens - Department of Social Work (relevant publications), and a long teaching experience at Universities (public and private) and T.E.I. of Athens as a lecturer in Sociology of Health Care.
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Alessandra Ferrario

Research topic:  Managing entry and uptake of new high-cost medicines: The European experience
Supervisors: Dr Panos Kanavos, Professor Alistair McGuire
Research interests:  Access to medicines, managed entry agreements/risk sharing agreements, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), global health
Personal information: Alessandra Ferrario is a Research Officer and a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics. Her research focuses on access to medicines and non-communicable diseases. Alessandra’s PhD is investigating the impact of managed entry agreements on cost-effectiveness, use and expenditure of new medicines. One of her current research projects investigates the burden and management of diabetes, both from a health and economic perspective, as part of a multi-country study in low- and middle-income countries. As part of her work on access to medicines, Alessandra is working with the World Health Organization on issues around availability, affordability and rational use of medicines in the Republic of Moldova. She holds an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (LSE/LSHTM), MSc in Epidemiology (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel) and BSc in Molecular Biology (University of Basel).
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Daniel Fujiwara

Research topic:  Valuing non-market goods using subjective wellbeing data
Supervisors: Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Alistair McGuire
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Sam Keeping

Research topic: Regulation of risk in health and social care: a comparative analysis of England and Scotland
Supervisor/s: Professor Elias Mossialos, Professor Alistair McGuire
Research interests: Assessment and surveillance of hospital performance, incentive payments in primary and secondary care, risk perception and communication, particularly with regards to vaccination, and risks associated with complementary and alternative medicine.
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Laura Kudrna

Research topic: It's not me, it's you: the effects of absolute and relative socio-economic status on subjective wellbeing. Using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and the wellbeing modules of the American Time Use Survey, I explore how income, wealth, education and unemployment are related to experiences and evaluations of pleasure and purpose.
Research interests:  Wellbeing, happiness, behavioural science, socio-economic status, and inequality. 
Personal information: I have a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Research Methodology, and I am from Minnesota in the United States - although I have been living in London since 2005. 
Supervisors: Professor Paul Dolan,  Professor Alistair McGuire 
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Ilias-Ioannis Kyriopoulos

Research topic: Essays on the impact of austerity on health and healthcare services: the case of Greece.
Professor Elias Mossialos, Dr Panos Kanavos
Research interests: Health economics, health policy, applied economics, econometrics, quantitative research, health services research, political economy, global health.
Personal information: Born in Greece, Ilias is a PhD Student at the LSE. He holds an MSc in Economics (Research) from the LSE and an MSc in Health Care Management from the National School of Public Health in Athens, Greece. Moreover, Ilias received his undergraduate degree (BSc in Economics) from the University of Athens. Previously, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Health Economics, National School of Public Health and interned at the Economic Research Department, Bank of Greece.
More information: Personal website
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Chantal Morel

Research topic: Access to medicines.
Description: A study into medicine price dynamics across countries and through time.
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Elena Nicod

Research topic: Health technology assessments and efficiency in healthcare resource allocation: how well does this mechanism really work?
Supervisors: Dr Panos Kanavos, Professor Paul Dolan
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Christina Novinskey

Research topic: Intergovernmental Politics, Policy and Power: A Study of Healthcare Decentralization in Spain.
Supervisor: Professor Elias Mossialos
Research interests: Christina is researching health care decentralization policy and the particular affects it has had on intergovernmental relations in Spain. In general, she is interested in health care systems research, health care decentralization and other organizational and management policies, health care financing and tropical diseases in both more- and less-developed countries. She is pursuing her PhD through the LSE Health and Social Care.
Personal Information: Christina Novinskey is American, and currently living in Madrid, Spain. She holds a Master of Philosophy in Social (Health) Policy from the LSE, a Master of Arts in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Kalamazoo College. She has been a visiting student at over 7 universities and institutes worldwide, including the Harvard School of Public Health, The Juan March Institute and the University of Carlos III in Madrid and the University of Siena, Italy. Since May 2003, Christina has worked as an independent health policy consultant for international organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Pan-American Health Organization and the WHO European Observatory for Health Systems and Policies.
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Tatiana Paredes-Torres

Research topic: Improving the life chances of poor children in Ecuador: the role of cash transfers and micro-credit.
Research interests: Impact evaluation, labor economics, applied micro-econometrics, public economics, efficiency analysis, among others. 
Personal information: Tatiana holds a BA in Economics from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, a BA in Economie et Gestion from Universite Pierre-Mendes-Grenoble 2 and a MSc from Paris School of Economics.  She has worked as RA at the Grantham Research Institute and previously for several public institutions in Ecuador. 
Supervisors: Professor Alistair McGuire, Professor Stephen Jenkins
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Sebastian Salas-Vega

Research topic:  Drivers of Quality in Health Care: A Disease-Oriented Examination of the Determinants Underlying Provider-and Patient-Level Mortality from Acute Myocardial Infarction across England.
Supervisors:  Professor Elias Mossialos,  Professor Alistair McGuire
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Stefano Testoni 

Research topic: Attending to experiences of pleasure and purpose: the economics of human behaviour and subjective wellbeing.
Supervisors: Professor Paul Dolan,  Dr Matteo Galizzi
Research interests: My research is devoted to the study and theoretical modelling of subjective wellbeing and its behavioural antecedents. I also have a general interest in behavioural microeconomics and psychology, with a focus on judgment and decision making.
Personal information: BSc in economics and finance (Universita’ Bocconi); MSc in behavioural and economic science (University of Warwick)
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Matthew Townsend

Research topic: The impact of different approaches to pay-for-performance on health care integration
Supervisor/s: Prof Alistair McGuire, Dr Irene Papanicolas
Research interests: Matthew is examining whether the introduction of quality-based financial incentives may facilitate more integrated and patient-centred models of care in Canada and England. Additional research interests include: the economics of health care, health insurance, performance incentives, economic evaluation, governance and clinical quality.
Personal information: Matthew is a Canadian national based at LSE Health. Prior to pursuing his PhD, he worked on several projects related to hospital and community funding reform as a Senior Consultant and Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in Ontario. Matthew is a former fellow in the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Training Program in Public Health Policy. He holds degrees from the University of Melbourne (BA), University of Trinity College (BSc) and School of Public Policy and Governance (MPP) at the University of Toronto. He recently completed an MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management at the LSE.
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Sarah Watters

Research topic: Loss aversion in the time trade-off: health state utility (QALY) measurement.
Supervisors:  Dr Adam Oliver, Dr Joan Costa-Font
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Olivier Wouters

Research topic: The impact of tendering on generic drug prices in South Africa
Supervisors: Dr Panos Kanavos, Professor Alistair McGuire
Research interests: The pricing and reimbursement of medicines, the availability and affordability of medicines, and the quality of pharmacologic care.
Personal Information: Olivier holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a Master’s degree in International Health Policy (Health Economics) from the LSE. He has previously consulted for the OECD, World Bank, and WHO.
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