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Reference guide to areas of expertise

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Peter Miller | Liisa Kurunmaki

Ageing and health
Emilie Courtin | Emily Grundy

Antimicrobial resistance
Elias Mossialos

Applied econometrics
Grace Lordan

Applied social statistics
Tiziana Leone | Jonathan Cylus | Matteo Galizzi


Behavioural and experimental economics of health
Matteo Galizzi


Cohort studies
Andres Roman-Urrestarazu

Community and public health policy
Walter Holland | Julian Le Grand | Elias Mossialos

Comparative health systems research
Ellen Nolte | Sherry Merkur


Emily Freeman | Arjna Gjonca | Mike Murphy | Tiziana Leone | Emily Grundy

Development economics
Zlatko Nikoloski | Gemma Williams

Grace Lordan


Economics of mental health
David McDaidAndres Roman-Urrestarazu

Economics of the hospital
Alistair McGuire

Economic evaluation
David McDaid | Alistair McGuire | Maria RaikouCorinna SorensonZlatko Nikoloski | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Aris Angelis

Electronic information retrieval/data mining
David McDaid

European and international health policy
Walter Holland | Panos Kanavos | Julian Le GrandDavid McDaid | Sherry Merkur | Elias MossialosSarah Thomson | Adam Oliver | Govin PermanandJonathan Cylus | Emilie Courtin | Ellen Nolte

European union public health policy
Walter Holland | Elias Mossialos | Govin Permanand | Ellen Nolte | Sherry Merkur

Evidence-based decision making
Huseyin Naci | John Wright | Matteo Galizzi | Aris Angelis

Evidence review and synthesis
Huseyin Naci | Maximilian Salcher


Grace Lordan

Genetic aspect of demography
Mike MurphyAndres Roman-Urrestarazu

Global health
Clare Wenham

Global health governance
Clare Wenham

Globalisation and health
Elias Mossialos | Govin Permanand | Corinna SorensonZlatko Nikoloski | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Gemma Williams | Tiziana Leone | Ernestina Coast


Health and productivity
Joan Cost Font

Health and social protection
Zlatko Nikoloski | Jonathan Cylus | Gemma Williams

Health care contracts
Alistair McGuire 

Health care evaluation
Mrigesh Bhatia | Walter Holland | Panos Kanavos | David McDaid | Alistair McGuire | Elias Mossialos | Maria Raikou | Aris Angelis

Health care financing
Julian Le Grand | David McDaid | Elias Mossialos | Sarah ThomsonJonathan Cylus | Gemma Williams

Health care systems in Central & Eastern Europe
Arjan Gjonça | Panos Kanavos | Elias Mossialos

Health care systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
Andres Roman-Urrestarazu

Health disadvantage
Joan Cost Font

Health economics
Gwyn Bevan | Mrigesh Bhatia | Joan Costa-i-Font | Cristina Hernandez Quevedo | Panos Kanavos | Julian Le GrandAlistair McGuire | David McDaid | Adam Oliver | Maria Raikou | Caroline RudisillJonathan Cylus | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Matteo Galizzi | Sherry Merkur | Grace Lordan

Health inequalities
Joan Costa Font | Emily Freeman | Cristina Hernandez Quevedo | Julian Le Grand | David McDaid | Adam OliverGemma Williams | Emily Grundy

Health lifestyles
Joan Cost Font

Health policy (general)
Gwyn Bevan | Mrigesh Bhatia | Dina Davaki | Cristina Hernandez Quevedo | Walter Holland | Panos Kanavos | Julian Le Grand | David McDaid | Sherry Merkur | Elias Mossialos | Govin PermanandCorinna SorensonJonathan Cylus | Emilie Courtin | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Ellen Nolte

Health policy evaluation
Huseyin Naci | John Wright | Maximilian Salcher | Matteo Galizzi

Health policy in China
Elias Mossialos

Health policy in developing countries
Tony Barnett | Mrigesh Bhatia | Arjan Gjonça (Balkans) | Emily Freeman | David McDaid (CEE and Russia) | Philipa Mladovsky | Elias MossialosZlatko Nikoloski | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Gemma Williams | Tiziana Leone | Ernestina Coast

Health services management
Sean Boyle | Liisa Kurunmaki

Health services planning
Mrigesh Bhatia | Sean Boyle

Health services reform
Gwyn Bevan | Walter Holland | Panos Kanavos | Liisa Kurunmaki | Julian Le Grand | David McDaid | Elias Mossialos | Sarah ThomsonJonathan Cylus | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Ellen Nolte | Sherry Merkur

Health services research
Joan Costa-i-Font | Cristina Hernandez Quevedo | Walter Holland | Julian Le Grand | David McDaid | Elias MossialosJonathan Cylus | Ellen Nolte

Health statistics
Grace Lordan

Health survey design
Andres Roman-Urrestarazu

Health technology assessment
Elena Nicod | John Wright | Andres Roman-Urrestarazu | Aris Angelis

Emily Freeman


Infectious diseases
Clare Wenham


Knowledge transfer
David McDaid I Govin Permanand


Labour economics
Zlatko Nikoloski | Jonathan Cylus | Grace Lordan

Long term care funding
Joan Cost Font

Longitudinal studies
Andres Roman-Urrestarazu


Maternal health
Emily Freeman | Tiziana Leone

Methodology in health policy research
Walter Holland | Alistair McGuire | Elias Mossialos | Mike MurphyMatteo Galizzi

Migration and health
Gemma Williams

Modelling decisions
Alec Morton


Joan Cost Font


Performance measurements
Mara Airoldi | Gwyn Bevan | Sean Boyle | Alistair McGuire | Alec Morton | Irene PapanicolasJonathan Cylus | Ellen Nolte

Pharmaceutical policy
Huseyin Naci | Panos Kanavos | Sherry Merkur | Elias Mossialos | Huseyin NaciAdam Oliver | Govin Permanand | Maria RaikouDivya Srivastava | Aris Angelis

Joan Cost Font | Aris Angelis

Political economy of health systems
Joan Cost Font

Primary care
Gwyn Bevan | Julian Le Grand

Private medical insurance
Joan Costa-i-Font | Elias Mossialos | Sarah ThomsonAndres Roman-Urrestarazu

Priority setting in health care
Julian Le Grand | Elias Mossialos | Adam Oliver

Public/private health care interface
Sean Boyle | Julian Le Grand | Alistair McGuire | Elias Mossialos | Sarah Thomson

Public Health
Arjan Gjonca | Elias Mossialos | Walter HollandEllen Nolte


Reproductive health
Emily Freeman | Tiziana Leone | Ernestina Coast

Resources allocation
Alec Morton | Alistair McGuire

Risk analysis
Joan Costa Font | Elias Mossialos | Caroline RudisillMatteo Galizzi


Sexual health
Emily Freeman | Ernestina Coast

Social economics
Joan Cost Font

Social epidemiology
Jonathan Cylus | Emilie Courtin | Emily Grundy

Social policy
Dina Davaki | Julian Le Grand | Mike MurphyEmilie Courtin

Statistical analysis of economic data from clinical trials
Alistair McGuire | Maria Raikou

Clare Wenham


Technology assessment
Panos Kanavos | David McDaid | Alistair McGuire | Huseyin Naci | Maria Raikou  Corinna Sorenson | Aris Angelis


Willingness to pay
Joan Costa-i-FontMatteo Galizzi