Sherry Merkur


Sherry Merkur is a Research Fellow in Health Policy at the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. She is also co-Editor of Eurohealth|. Sherry's research focuses on comparative health policy, pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement, EU regulation and law, quality of care and physician revalidation. She has undertaken project work for ministries of health, social security institutions, policy research networks and the European Commission.

Over the past couple of years, she has worked on projects with the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (on public health) and the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (on the Belgian health system). Recent European Commission-funded work includes the Prometheus project on health professional mobility in the European Union. Sherry is also a dedicated author and editor of HiT: Health system reviews for countries in the WHO European Region.

Sherry obtained an MSc with distinction in Health, Population, and Society from the LSE with a dissertation investigating the European Over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market. Prior to this, she earned a BSc in Physiology and Business Management from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Her previous work experiences involved conducting medical research and working in the financial services industry.

Recent publications

For a full list of Sherry's publications, please see her LSE Research Online| page