Dr Sally Sheard

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Dr Sally Sheard, Senior Lecturer in History of Medicine at the University of Liverpool has recently been commissioned by LSE Health to write a biography of Brian Abel-Smith, Professor of Social Administration at LSE from 1965 to 1991. Abel-Smith was intimately involved in some of the most significant social welfare developments of the twentieth century. In addition to his academic career, he served as Special Adviser to a number of government ministers, including Richard Crossman and Barbara Castle. He also worked extensively within WHO and as an independent consultant on health policy. The biography is due to be published in 2009.

Dr Sheard is co-author with Sir Liam Donaldson of 'The Nation's Doctor: the role of the Chief Medical Officer, 1855-1998' (Oxford, Radcliffe Medical Press, 2005). Her most recent publication (co-edited with Martin Gorsky) is 'Financing British Medicine Since 1750' (Oxford, Routledge, 2006).