Michela Tinelli


Michela Tinelli is a Research Fellow at LSE Health and Social Care, where she is involved in the EU funded ECAB project (Evaluating Care Across Borders; http://www.ecabeurope.eu|), looking into various issues relating to cross-border care in Europe. In particular, she is involved in the following work packages: patient choice about their care, and public reporting on quality of care; long term care; assessment of scale of cross border care; and cross-border care policy implications.

Before her current appointment at LSE she was based at the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) and Centre of Academic Primary Care (CAPC), University of Aberdeen, where she developed an interdisciplinary programme of research in Health Economics and Primary Care to investigate patient centred decision making in pharmacy policy development (MSc research in Health Services and Public Health; ESRC/MRC PhD studentship; and ESRC/MRC post-doc fellowship). This interdisciplinary programme is currently being taken forward with the support of an honorary appointment at the University of Aberdeen. Her research interests cover three different areas: 1) traditional benefit evaluations in health policy developments, including clinical outcomes, health related quality of life, and patient satisfaction; 2) the methodological development of stated preference techniques; 3) their application in benefit evaluations to inform the development of new health care services, and value possible implications on policy decision making.

Recent publications

For a full list of Michela's publications, please see her LSE Research Online| page