Mara Airoldi

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Mara Airoldi (Research Officer, Department of Management, LSE) has a degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan where she specialized in Economics of Public Choice and an MSc in Decision Science from the LSE. 

She has worked as a lecturer in Decision Science at the Leeds University Business School and as a researcher in Behavioural economics at the LSE before starting her research post on the QQuIP project at the LSE, focusing on value for money in the NHS in England. For QQuIP she contributed to the development of a framework to estimate the impact of different health policies on the health of the English population using Quality-Adjusted Life Years or Disability-Adjusted Life Years.

Currently she is collaborating with some Primary Care Trusts in England. Through this collaboration she investigates how the QQuIP framework of measuring the impact of different policies on the health of a population can inform the Commissioning process (i.e. the strategic purchasing of health services for the local population).

In September 2006 she also started a PhD with Professor Gwyn Bevan and Dr Alec Morton.  In her PhD she investigates the link between health economics and decision analytic tools and processes to allocate resources in healthcare.

Recent Publications


For a full list of Mara's publications, please see her LSE Research Online| page.