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Dr Konstantina Davaki


Konstantina Davaki studied Law (LLB, University of Athens), Social Sciences (BA, Open University), Socio-Legal Studies (MA, Brunel University) and Social Policy (PhD, Department of Social Policy, University of Kent). Her thesis was entitled 'Women in the Labour Market and The Family: Policies in Germany and Greece', in which she compared welfare policies affecting women's position in three different welfare states (Germany, former GDR and Greece). 

She is currently a research officer in social policy at LSE Health, teaches in health policy courses and is also placements organiser for the MSc in International Health Policy. She has acted as advisor to the Gender Equality and Women's Rights Committee of the European Parliament in matters related to maternity/parental leave policies and gender equality. Her main research interests are: comparative research in welfare states' and health systems' development and typologies, women's welfare policies, social policy and ideology and mental health.

Recent publications

For a full list of Konstantina's publications, please see her LSE Research Online| page