Huseyin Naci



Huseyin Naci is a Research Fellow at LSE Health, and Thomas O. Pyle Fellow in Population Medicine at Harvard University.

Huseyin’s academic interests include research design, comparative effectiveness research, drug regulation, and health policy evaluation. His methodological research focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of study designs in determining the benefits and harms of health care interventions and policies. He is particularly interested in the application of evidence generated from randomized trials, observational studies, and network meta-analyses to decision-making in health policy and clinical practice.

Huseyin’s policy-relevant research focuses on the unintended consequences of health policies; market entry requirements for new health technologies; economic access to medications; and the role of health care professionals in caring for individuals with multiple chronic conditions. He is also interested in research that has implications for clinical practice: using widely popular cholesterol-lowering statins as a case study, his recent work| evaluated the comparative clinical benefits and harms of individual statins for the prevention of coronary heart disease.

Prior to starting his research at LSE Health, Huseyin conducted research in the areas of international health, mental health, and international development at the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University. Most recently, he worked as a Senior Research Associate for the Center for Health Economics and Science Policy of the United BioSource Corporation (2008-2011) and the Center for Clinical and Economic Evidence of the MAPI Group (2011-2012), both in London, UK.

Huseyin received his Master of Public Health Sciences (MSPH) degree in International Health, with a focus on Health Economics from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, MD, USA) and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry from Knox College (Galesburg, IL, USA).


Harvard University Thomas O. Pyle Fellowship in Population Medicine (2013-2014)

Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Policy Research (2012-2013)

Delta Omega, Alpha Chapter – United States National Honor Society for Public Health (2008)

Cyprus Fulbright Commission – Cyprus-America Scholarship Program Full Recipient (2006-2008)

Merck/American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Research Award – Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry (2003)

Selected publications

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